Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bursting out of my Comfort Zone

I don’t know if you all know this…but I am a complete wall-art-a-phobe.  Meaning…I have a total fear of hanging things on my walls.  I don’t know why. I know I can always move it and patch holes and all that…but maybe it’s just from all those years of renting that I still can’t wrap my head around punching a hole in a wall.  It makes me so nervous.  So, now that my bedroom is painted a delicious and nutritious color of aqua…it is time to start decorating it.  which means…conquering my fear of wall art.
You guys remember this little gem, dontcha?  Well if not, it’s the 25 cent piece of crap I got at the little thrift store in Hunter’s school (his school is in a church and they have a teeny thrift store in there).  I have to admit…there are ALWAYS great finds in this little place.  This thing was hanging on a wall and I just had to have it.  I can spare a quarter!
My original plan was to spray it gold and mosaic mirror the inside…which may still happen…but I really wanted to get this up on my wall!  Maybe when more stuff starts happening for the walls I’ll bust out the mirrors and the glue gun…but for now it just got sprayed a lovely metallic gold!
The initial spray I used was from Krylon, which is a fine spray paint indeed…but it was just a LITTLE too crazy metallic gold.  I wanted a bit more of an antique gold.  So I used another lighter gold and just lightly misted it. The end result turned out really nice!  And all this stuff I had on hand…so I’m a little concerned as to why I have so much gold spray paint around.
Anyway…my next step was to figure out how to hang a piece of wall art.  That’s right folks. I Googled “how high to hang wall art.”  I found this little article first, and everything I found after that pretty much said the same thing…57” from the floor.  That is, the CENTER of the art or grouping should be at 57”.  So if you’re doing a picture gallery or other type grouping, the center of that group should be 57”.  Interestingly enough, that is the average person’s eye line, and this is the standard that museums and art galleries use.  Guess what? I measured myself, and sure enough…my eye brows are at 57”. Isn’t that weird and wouldn’t you think I have way too much time on my hands??
So, being the awesome perfect eye line height…I just hung that baby right at my eyeline.  EZ, PEE-ZEE.  And because I am still a bit phobic about this (it doesn’t go away overnight people), I used a 3M Command picture hanging strip.  Obviously if I mirror this thing, I will have to sturdy it up, but this weighs literally nothing so a small strip will do just fine.  Here’s the view from our bed!  And don’t mind the half painted doors….still not sure whether I want to go black with them…but need more white trim paint regardless.
It looks a bit bare to me…but it’s behind the main door and its just a start.  I can’t wait to keep going and show you guys the progress along the way!!  I’ve put a budget of $400 on this entire bedroom makeover, and so far this is the breakdown:
Paint and Supplies: $85
Sunburst Art: $0.25

Not bad I’d say!!  Any thoughts from you guys on black doors?  Or do I keep everything a super crisp and clean white?


  1. I love it! I'm diggin' the gold!

  2. What a nifty thrifty find!

  3. Love it, I would go with white doors.

  4. Love it! I probably would have passed that up at the thrift store but it looks great now! Thanks for sharing at my party!

  5. Can you share the wall color? It's exactly what I want for my bedroom!

  6. @Strickler
    The wall color is AQUA SMOKE from Behr (just the regular Behr line...not the paint+primer. I cannot tell you how in LOVE I am with it!!


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