Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nowhere Near Completion

The bedroom is painted!  And I am TOTALLY in love.  Like completely in love.  Like…I literally lay in my bed and stare at the wall while drool is leaking down my chin and an insanely high giggle is escaping my mouth.  Yup I’m a little insane over it.  Here she is!
ooooooo that aqua just GETS me.  Clearly the room is not all back together yet as there is trim work that needs to be done.  But just the color is amazeballs.  Take a look at the before
Yes I didn’t have the windows open in the before pic…and so sorry about the bed.  But isn’t it just so much BRIGHTER in the new room!?!?  And the trim painting is just making everything POP.  I don’t know how I lived without bright white trim for so long. 
I mean look at the difference!!!  The left side has old trim color…right side is new, shiny, bright white trim.  It makes everything look so much cleaner and the aqua color even aqua-ier.  It’s a word.  Look it up. 
Anyway….but we will be far from done in this room even after the doors are painted.  Sonny and I have a deal to finish TO COMPLETION this room before I continue onto another one.  This is mainly because I am a super sporadic soul….so it will be REALLY hard to keep up the deal…but I’ll try.  Just to give you guys an idea of what I would like to do (because Sonny would be good with just paint…be honest…you would honey)…here’s my list of things to get done:
  • Finish Trim and Doors
  • Prime and paint bed frame (thinking black)
  • Make a headboard
  • Get new Linens for the bed
  • Make Pillows for the bed
  • Rearrange furniture (question mark)
  • Redo closet (it’s an essential part of the bedroom)
  • Vanity table and chair
  • New nightstands (or just new to us)
  • Put up crown molding
  • paint ceiling
  • Molding on wall behind bed(?)
  • Paint dresser
  • rugs for each side of the bed
  • Hang Picture frames
  • mirror for above the dresser
  • Ottoman for room or bench
  • Hang Curtains
  • Get a large full size mirror to check myself out in….or just my outfits
So that’s the list for right now…I’m sure a few things will pop up here and there…and we have plans for the master bathroom right now, as it is still as builder grade chic as the day we moved in (bbbllllaaahhhh).  I’m excited to keep things moving, but it’s A LOT to take in!  For now…I shall just bask in the glow of my new room color!!

OH PS: Room color is Behr’s AQUA SMOKE in flat enamel, and the trim color is Martha Stewarts POPCORN in high gloss.

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