Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting’ Jiggy in the Bedroom..

If your mind is anywhere else besides re-decorating…congratulations!  You’re life is WAY more interesting than mine!  Woot!

But seriously, folks, the time has finally come to redo our lack luster bedroom.  This was actually the very first room we did when we moved into this house 6 years ago….and it was perfectly fine then.  But, even thought Sonny thinks I’m nuts, it’s time for a change.  When we moved in, we were unmarried, both working, leading the fabulous life!  In 6 years…a lot has changed!  I became a SAHM, Sonny sold a business and began working for someone else, we got married and had 2 kids….I’d say we deserve a wonderful sanctuary of our own!  Here was the before…like the before before….right after we moved in..


Wow I haven’t seen that picture in a loooooong time!  So then here’s after the first remodel.  And for the life of me I CANNOT find a picture of the first go ‘round with decorating!  I’ve seriously been looking for about an hour.  Ok now two.  But here’s one from after kids…and it looks like we haven’t done much.


Seriously, I’m mad I can’t find the before the before.  Heather…attest to this…it was pretty cool.  You know, when it was clean.  Anyway!  This is pretty much what it looks like now.  And here’s the rest of the tour around the room


Yes, I know.  It’s a raging mess!  But the kids are grown (well…grown enough to be in their own rooms), and it’s time to take this room back!!  I’m going to start with painting…but I have a whole list of things to get done!  But before I go into too much detail (I’ll save that for another post)…Here’s my inspiration picture!

THIS is what i was envisioning...TO A T

ohsweetjesus I love this.  I’ll share the whole plan of the room and some progress pics on Thursday…but if my new room resembles this room even in the slightest…..we will be getting’ jiggy in here…..

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