Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moms who do More...

Hey everyone!! How's your Thursdays going?  All good over here!  So...I just wanted to talk to you guys about a little thing Heather and I are doing.  Not really "together," but the same to each bring in a little extra money for the house.  Alright...let me just be honest...we are shamelessly plugging our Etsy shops today.

That's right, people.  We have each opened Etsy shops! (yay! Banners, confetti, horns!! Wahoo!)  Heather has actually been doing it for awhile and is getting more and more successful. BEHOLD!  PAPER MONKEY!

Heather specializes in handmade invites, announcements, decor, and pretty much anything else that has to do with paper goods.  She is absolutely amazing at what she does, you will not be disappointed in whatever product you receive. Here are a few samples of her work:

Paper roses
Flower Clip

Amazing invites
Kids' Western Birthday Invitation

Mickey Mouse Invitations

Party favors and decor
Mustache Drink Stirrer and/or Cupcake Topper

Amazing right??  

So because I love to also craft things with my hands, Heather suggested that I put some of my stuff up on Etsy.  I was way nervous to do it, but why not?  I love to make things for myself and others, and one of my new years resolutions was to try and make some extra money for the house, so between kids and carpooling and playdates and laundry and and and and.....why not craft and make some money?  Welcome to L.A Crafty Happenings....where crafts are always happening!

Personalized photo coasters, set of 6

I do not yet have a cool header like Heather does yet...she said she's going to help me with that (add that to her shop!) this is just one thing I'm selling.  My super cute personalized photo coasters!  I've also got a knack for making bowties...

Boys Pre-tied Bowtie, Gray with white polka dots

Boys pre-tied bow tie, Green and Navy Houndstooth

...and crocheted hats for babies and kids!

Toddler Girls White Crochet Hat with Pink Flower
{toddler hat for girls...or boys who like pink flowers.  Ain't no shame...}

Crocheted Newborn Hat with Flower
{newborn hat}
I'm slowly adding stuff to the shop as I make things...and upcoming are some great scarves for adults, fingerless gloves, and of course...more adorable bowties!

So there's our plug for our new endeavors.  We both love being SAHM on a daily basis and love doing this blog.  Our shops are just another outlet for us to show the world what else we can do...which is pretty much ANYTHING!  :)  Power to us...and hope you stop by our shops for a look! 

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