Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/2 plus 1/2 plus 1/2 equals…

…A whole crap load of unfinished projects!!  OMG if my house isn’t full of things that have to get done!  Everything started off pretty good with a jump start on organizing the pantry, but as I’m looking around this morning, I’m realizing that I have about 50 HALF finished projects that I need to finish.  Sonny ALWAYS says that this is my tragic flaw, that I never finish things all the way through, and I’m starting to see it.  DANG!  That means I have to admit he’s right.  BOO.

SO in order to get my arse in gear and prove my husband wrong…I decided to compile a list of things I need to get done before moving onto the next project, which really, is my bedroom, which is motivation enough for me to get going!  And putting the list on the blog kind of holds me accountable!  So here’s my Winter version of the To Do list:

1) Finish the thrift store “Sunburst Mirror.”  I found this little baby back in September at the thrift store in Hunter’s school (which is also a church) for $.25.  I had plans on creating a sunburst mirror….I think it’s about time I get on it.  It’s already sprayed gold…just need to get the mirror!


2) Sand, prime and paint Craigslist secretaries desk.  Again…I’ve had this desk since September…and I fixed all the structural stuff and clearly filled the holes and scratches…but it’s just been sitting here ever since.  So about time to get on it.  Oh…and you can see the sprayed starburst lying on the ground…sadly unfinished…


3) Make a seat and paint Jagger’s birthday rocking chair.  Yes…you heard me….birthday.  As in first birthday.  And since we are slowly approaching his second birthday…this needs to get done.


4) Spray railings and fittings to put back in the hallway leading to basement.  This has been a big complaint in my household…from Sonny…but I keep reminding him every time he brings something up from the basement that it would not have been possible if the railings were up….but no really…I need to do that

5)Finish Nephews 1st bday present…This I have to do and SOON as his bday is on the first of February and I need to be shipping it out!  Pictures will come after the fact as I want my sister to be surprised!  I’m pretty proud of it so far!

6) Organize the rest of the kitchen.  Wall and cabinet painting is scheduled for this year…so this NEEDS to get done!!

So this is just the short list…but they aren’t small projects.  My goal is to have them all done before my birthday in April.  I think it’s a fair amount of time, but between training for the marathon and just doing the day to day around here…it’s going to be tough!  I’m confident it can be done!!

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