Monday, January 16, 2012

Bread Pudding

MMMMM…what a way to eat away a weekend!  I found some cheapo bread on the clearance rack at the grocery store and knew that I wanted to make something delicious with it.  And yes…I said clearance rack at the grocery store.  Have you guys found your baked goods clearance rack yet?  It’s awesome!  I’ve scored a dozen bagels for a buck, and I just saw 12 GIGANTIC glazed donuts for .99.  If I wanted to TOTALLY ruin my diet and probably give myself a cavity, I totally would have pulled a Paula Dean and made donut bread pudding.  Serio…she has a recipe.  Instead…I picked up my $.84 loaf of Italian bread and used this recipe to create a delicious and warming desert!!  YUM!!!

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