Monday, January 23, 2012

First Snow Day!



Awwww yyeeaaahh.  We got a little sprinkling of snow this weekend…FINALLY!  No that I am really WANTING snow all around, especially not like last year, but it’s definitely a welcome change up to the routine.  It gets so boring when it’s cold outside but there is no snow on the ground to play with.  We maybe get 15 minutes before Hunter is asking to go inside.  I got a good hour with them outside…and they didn’t want to come in!  And Jagger was mainly just doing this the whole time:


This was his first snow day ever as last year he was always sleeping when Hunter and I went out.  He looked so cute all bundled up…but he was still a little confused about what the white stuff was.  He just observed and took it all in


He also managed to shoot me a couple Blue Steels.  Pretty sure he was inspired by his new snow suit


I love that it looks like I have a wind machine on him too.  Oh yeah…cuz I’m that kind of stage mom!  Hunter had a grand ol’ time throwing the snow.  I tried to get a picture of it…but of course I said “Hunter throw the snow again!” and he gave me the most confused look.  Usually I’m hollering at him NOT to throw…so this was a new thing for him.


Overall it was just a fun time to be outside, despite the drool, the snots, the constant “it’s not working!” whines because people had to chop the snow (it was more like crushed ice…Hunter was totally spoiled last year with feet upon feet of the fluffy snow), and the fight to get them in, and out, of their snow suits.  Phew!  No wonder as you get older snow gets more annoying! But still, good imagination time (wink to Heather!)

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