Thursday, January 12, 2012

Expectant Parents Bootcamp at Please Touch Museum

Hey all!  I just wanted to quickly let you all know that a great event is coming up at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia!  They are hosting an Expectant Parents Bootcamp on Jan 21st from 10-1.  It should be fun!  They will be featuring experts to answer your questions and products that are must have for new moms!  I'm sure that even if you are on your second or third, it would still be a place to go to ask those questions that maybe you forgot with your first!  I know that I would have loved to attend something like this with either of my pregnancies.

Some highlights and discussion topics of the bootcamp include:
Baby 101: how to put your baby to sleep, swaddling, breastfeeding and more! (def helpful)
Staying connected: Communication tools for sleep deprived mommies and daddies (oohh...a must)
From glass top to foam ring: preparing your home for babies arrival (hm...might be helpful for me is still far from baby-proofed)

I hope all you expectants in the Philadelphia area will check it out!

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