Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ramen is the bomb….en..

Well you have to make it rhyme, right?  So I’m very proud of this recipe…not only because it is yummy, delicious, cheap, and super easy…but because it’s 100% mine.  Well…my mom’s.  But mine.  Obviously from the title you can tell that it’s about ramen noodles.  Ramen noodles, you ask? Yup.  Plain, simple, 5-for-a-dollar-ramen noodles.

I made this the other night and it was gobbled up by the chitlins and the hubs alike.  Sonny asked me if this was like the poor man’s pasta…and although it is…I’d like to think of it as the Chinese kids mac & cheese.  This is something that my mom used to make at least once a week for my sister and I and she would throw in whatever was leftover or whatever was in the fridge.  It’s truly a “kitchen sink” kind of meal.  So…here goes!

Lani’s Bomb-en Ramen (feeds about 4 generous helpings)

Take 4 Packs of ramen noodles plus one of the flavor packets and boil them in water, just as you would pasta.  Ramen takes about 3-4 minutes though…so it’s super quick!


Then add in whatever you have on hand!  In this particular recipe I had shrimp and broccoli.  Yum! I precooked the shrimp and then threw in the broccoli with the noodles.


Next is the most important.  It’s where all the flava comes in.  Takes a large serving bowl and add a few shakes of soy sauce and a few glops of OYSTER SAUCE.  Seriously, for all you no fish people…it doesn’t taste fishy.  It’s a whole bottle of deliciousness.  I do a few GENEROUS glops because I love the stuff.  My mom always used to say “if all else fails, add more oyster sauce.”  It’s delicious.  So put all that in a serving bowl and take your noodles directly out of the water into the bowl.  No draining no rinsing.


Then serve, eat, and enjoy!!  The kids really liked using the chopsticks, so I definitely encourage you to have your kids try them.  Yes you have to help them along, even if they are the beginner kid friendly version, but Hunter has never tried something new so readily!


It’s “foggy” cuz it was so hot and steamy and delish!




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