Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Faves


Today is a sad day, my friends.  My house guests are flying home today (as we speak) and I am lonely as hell!!!  We had such a great time, and my house is so quiet.  Plus now I’ll really look like a wino when I drink my glass of wine by myself tonight.  It helped to have a partner in crime in Heather!   This weekend should be full of activities for the family, re-decorating to prepare for Thanksgiving (and possibly some to carry over to Christmas!), and beginning a diet and exercise program that is much needed after Heather’s visit. So even though I’m cleaning up and distracting myself away from the sadness, I wanted to share a few highlights from this past week!


{Delicious mini apple pies that Heather randomly made us!}


{A little Jagger-nugget of an astronaut at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia..more on that trip next week!}




{All our little Halloweeners!! Haha…weeners…}


{Super Mom’s…Miss you so much Heather!!!}

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