Monday, November 7, 2011

Look…AND Touch!

We wrote about the Please Touch Museum the last time that Heather and Will were here (see that here), and it was definitely on our to-do-again list for this visit.  The museum was so kind to provide us with 4 tickets for the 6 of us (Sonny had to work…boo!) and the kids had an absolute BLAST.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area and you want to stop saying “No, don’t touch that…slow down…hey kids be quiet…”, this is SO the place to visit.  I mean…even the ticket line/lobby has entertainment for the kids!
Trains…their new crack.  I love that the boys were so into it…like all of it…the whole museum.  The last time we went Jagger was sleeping the whole time, and Hunter and Will just kind of ran around.  This time they were actually looking at the exhibits and experimenting and imagining.  Yup…it was good imaginary time.  They even had a say in where they wanted to go next:
The museum has something for everyone from science to art to fairytales.  First up was “Roadside Attractions”, a room filled with all kinds of cars, trucks and anything with wheels.  OH, and this was good times for Jagger too as he got to run free and look at all the cars.  AND it was even MORE outstanding because there were 3 adults and 3 kids…man to man defense as Heather so perfectly put it.  Super!
Next up was “Flight Fantasy”, where I’m pretty sure you can guess what was in there.  Yup!  You got it in one guess!!  All kinds of flying things!  I think the favorite was the jet puffs of air that made balls of all sizes and densities fly in the air.  If you’re 18 months to 3 years old…imagine how magical this is!  Even Heather’s Hubs had a ball…haha…get it.  Ball.  So punny…
There was also a small room that had a lot to do with space adventure, and they had these wicked cool rocket launchers that were basically air pressure guns.  You build a rocket out of foam pieces, pushed a button and SHOOOOM!!! they went flying across the room.  I failed to get any pics of this because I was having as much fun with it as the boys!  I did manage to snap this one of Jagger dressed like an astronaut!  He’s so dang cute but hard to catch when he’s running around!
Then we were off to “City Capers”. This, I think, was really cool for the kids because it was all stuff that they see in everyday life, but in their size.  There is a grocery store that you can shop at (even a checkout), a hospital where you can examine x-rays and take care of babies, a little neighborhood with little walk in houses that you can “cook” in, and much more!  The boys really had a blast at the little houses, harvesting carrots and potatoes, and cooking them for us!  It was cracking me up that they knew how to use the microwave and the stove, how to set the table, and that Will went around with the play knife chopping all the veggies.  Jagger, of course, stopped to have a snack.
Already seems like a full day doesn’t it?!  But believe it or not, there was a whole section of the museum that we hadn’t explored yet!  We had to stop for a quick lunch, and although they let you bring your own, the prices are really reasonable.  We grabbed a couple pieces of pizza and then headed out to our next adventure…the carousel!  Oddly enough, this is one of those things that Hunter has always loved, and completely freaked out about it this time.  Oh well, that’s kids for ya.  I still made him go on it, we just sat on the little bench like the old folks do.  Haha!  Aunt Heather got the other 2 and looked beautiful as she whizzed by!
Then it was time for my favorite part!!!  The part that wasn't open the last time and that I was DYING to explore…WONDERLAND!  OMG…this place was SO CUTE!  You walk down a ramp that looks like you're falling down the rabbit hole, and you end up in a hedge maze with surprises around every corner.  There was a house of mirrors, a Willy Wonka type room where you’re not sure if you’re getting bigger or if the rooms getting smaller, a place where you can have tea parties with the Mad Hatter and the March Hair, and literally a TON of other cool things!  I freakin’ loved it!  Blame the kid in me, or the small obsession I had with Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid, but I think I had more fun running around this place than the kids!
Look at those freaky eyes behind Jagger.  It was this rotating backdrop of Lewis Carroll illustrations…but it was freaaakkkkyyyyy. After Wonderland (I was so sad to leave) we were pretty much ready to head out, but we promised the boys their favorite (and our least favorite) place to play…”River Adventures”.  It’s basically a gigantic water table that you can’t help but get soaked at.  Heather and I were super smart to remember extra clothes this time so the kids didn’t have to drive home soaking wet.  Even though it’s a pain for moms, it’s still a good time for the kiddos!
Ahhh…The whole day was pretty much heaven on a stick.  It went off perfectly with not one melt down or tantrum or anything.  And it was so nice for the adults to not have to say “NO” quite as much or discipline quite as often…it was practically a vacation to the Bahamas!!  Just without a frosty beverage of the alcoholic sort in our hands.  Seriously, if you’re ever in the Philadelphia area and you want a great place for the kids to go to learn, play, and just all in all have a great time, the Please Touch Museum is the place!  Thanks again, Please Touch, for a wonderful day out with the kids!  Oh and if you’re local…stay tuned for later today where there just might be a giveaway surprise!!

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  1. Awesome pictures of the please Touch museum.We took my two year old grand daughter a few months ago.She had so much fun,she wouldn't stop to eat.We(grown-ups) had to eat in shifts so that someone could stay with her!Then when we were leaving,she cried all the way out and down the steps,"No-go,MINE...MINE!!!!We would love to take her back to see "HER"Museum!
    Margaret Wallace


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