Monday, October 31, 2011

Hectic Halloween

Well the Birdsells and the Arianis have been having WAY to much fun together this past week!  We’ve had great food, good laughs, lots of wine and junk food (seriously we’ve probably all gained about 5 pounds) and all our boys have certainly had their good days and bad ones…but all in all they are the best of friends!  We even got a little Halloween snow over the weekend!  Crazy!!  Heather was truly excited and I don’t think Will knew what to think!


Today we plan on doing some pumpkin carving, we are throwing a bash tonight…and rushing to finish our costumes!  Yarks!  Here’s how my living room looked last night…this all while sipping wine, watching zombie movies, and nursing Heather’s hubby back to health (he got all sick…hence the random piece of plain toast)


Sup sup, Heather.  Throwing up her crafting gang signs.  Yeah I craft…What?  We should be JUST finished with our costumes AND all our food goodies by the time our guests come.  Yeah…we know…it’s tough being this dang awesome. Hope you all are having a happy Halloween!!!

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