Thursday, October 27, 2011

Circle of Candy

Since Halloween is just a few short days away, I wanted to share with you guys my idea for a fun way to eat your fun sizes!!  I made this candy wreath out of Werther’s, Riesen, Twix, Reese’s, and M&M’s.  I kind of love it!  I wanted to make this for the front door, but I forgot that my door gets direct sunlight in the afternoon…so a wreath full of chocolate goods = not a good idea.
This wreath took A LOT more candy than I thought it would, but since it’s all edible treats I love, I really don’t mind!  And as you can see…some people got to it before I could take a picture (note the upper left side).  I mean, it’s meant to be picked at and eaten…but wait until I get a chance to take a pic!!  Geez!
The How To is not that hard.  You just get a wire wreath form, thin floral wire, and candy you love.  then just wire the candy to the wreath, just make sure that it’s tight enough to stay secure, but loose enough that people can just pull it off to munch!  It’s quite fantastic in that it’s a fun little piece of décor, and whoever comes through the hall (like some guests that are currently visiting) they don’t have to ask or search for where the little treats are!  I’m pretty sure that this will last us through Thanksgiving, which will be just in time to switch out that wreath for a Christmas one! 

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