Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New York Minute

I am such a lucky girl, not only do I have my best friend and co-blogger Heather (and company) here all week (they arrived in the weeeeee hours this morning!!)…but this past weekend my other bestie, Megan, was in NYC for a quick weekend.  Since the city is only an hour and a half train ride from me, you know I was on that like maple syrup on a pancake.  Alllllll over it.  I first had to stop and get some fab new shoes though.  Seriously.
Aren’t they fantastic!  Gooooo Macy’s One Day Sale plus clearance plus an additional coupon!  Holla! And surprisingly comfortable!  I got Megs all to myself during the day because the friend she was staying with had to work, so being the typical tourists that we are, we headed first to the 9-11 Memorial.  Ok, we asked the taxi driver to take us, and I quote, “the 911 memorial.”  He asked if we had an address…he didn’t know where it was.  So we said Ground Zero.  Please fellow New Yorkers…what is correct?  I figured either was appropriate…
Well let me tell you that it’s a bit insane down there at the 911 memorial/ground zero.  First, you can only go see it by appointment times, I’m assuming so it’s not super crowded there.  And you have to buy your tickets for those times online.  Oooooops. They do have some spots open on that day, but its very few...and by the time we got there (at 3) the only time they had open was at 7.  No thank you.  We’ll be back to pay our respects when the crowds settle down.  Although we had to admire the amazing construction that was going on.  These buildings are amazing.
Aren’t they beautiful!!  Yeah I’m talkin’ about Megan too!  Those building look like they are part of the sky!  Just gorgeous.
Oh and this was craziness…all that OCCUPY business was going on down there too.  As if the memorial wasn’t crowded enough on it’s own…there was this madness!
OMG I get hives just looking at this pic.  I’m allergic to crowds.  Especially sweaty crowds.  I mean…you know some of those people haven’t showered in days.  Grrroooosssss.  I’m all for people being there for a cause though…rock on!!  Occupy!!  Do your thing!  But I must go shopping!!  So off to Canal Street for Megan and I!  This is one of our favorite stops when we go to the city together.  The first time we were turned off by all the “LouisVuittonCoachChanelGucci” that gets whispered at you…but now we just politely say “No thank you"…or if we see something we may turn our heads.  And we did…2 for $50!  Wahoo!

Yeah it’s fake.  So what?  The last one I got from those street guys I got mayjah compliments on it everyday.  Whatcha don’t know won’t hurtcha!  Besides fake purses and knock off everything on Canal…it’s just fun shopping and looking
And seeing all the adorable and quirky things…like dead animal hats…
These just looked gross to me.  I would not put these on my head.  I mean…I’ve seen cute animal hats…but something about these was just turning me off.  Then came my favorite time of day…MIDDAY SNACK AND WINE TIME!
UUUGGGGHHH I wish I lived in NYC.  I we are..strolling down somewhere in between China town and Little Italy and there was this TEENY TINY little cafĂ©/bar that served AMAZING bruschetta and other small meals.  And of course wine.  So fantastic.  Megan’s enjoying the view..and her new touristy purse.  It’s actually for her Halloween costume that she’s going to spray paint Pan Am blue (per my suggestion!!).  Perfect shape, right?
{Love this girl}
For our final romp of the day, Megan’s friend called us to the meat packing district for dinner.  Oh. My. God.  I have to tell you…that if you guys have never been to the meat packing district…it’s outstanding.  It’s so cute and so hip and yes I’m sounding like a total tourist but guess what I am.  I loved it.  We ate at a fantastically outstanding place called The Spice Market and it was outstanding.  Bad…bad lighting for pictures though.  But what a great day with a great friend!  It was only 6 hours…with basically 5 hours of traveling time…but for a chance to see Megan and spend even just a few hours with her…there was just no hesitation!  I hope that everyone has a friend like her!
megs and i
Don’t mind my super weird smile…I am awkward.

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