Monday, September 26, 2011

HalloweenTime Mantle

 Apparently Hubby & I's love for the fall & upcoming holidays is rubbing off on our spawn, aka Will. Will & I made a trip to our storage unit my parents' house over the weekend to pick up our Halloween decorations.  I told Will we'd decorate in the next day or two. While I was gone for a few hours this morning, he proceeded to tell Hubby that it was "Halloweeeeen Time, Daddy!". When Hubby told Will that we would decorate while he was napping so he could wake up to a Halloween surprise, Will said "NO! I help too, Daddy! I help fix Halloween time!". Oh. Ok then. You're the boss, kid.

So after Will's bath, that he dropped a deuce in, we got to work. Will helped place some key pumpkins and told us when stuff was too scary. I guess Hubby's love of scary things hasn't quite rubbed off on Will.... yet.

 This is what I pretend to use as my mantle. Yes, it's a bookcase, but it's my mantle for decorations starting in October...
What? You don't enjoy the random bloody limb here and there?
 A little closer look at the madness...

 This Oogie Boogie head is one of my absolute favorite Halloween items I own. I snagged it off of a few years back when  it was on clearance. Something Disney (for me) and something scary (for Hubby). That's what we call a Win-Win, folks. Oh, and they're sitting on my other favorite thing...the spiderweb runner I got a Target a couple years ago. Oh Webby, so glad to have you back!

 I just realized that my glitter haunted house is a lovely little pop of color in the white, black, & green scheme I've got going on. What a lovely little accident!

 Further down the left, we've got some gauzey stuff, skulls, spiders... oh my!

I love the contrast of my fancy Kate Spade candlestick holders (from Lani for Hubby & I's wedding. Woot!) and my skull candlesticks. Chic polished creepiness. That should be a new style. Having our fancy mantle clock peeking through the hole of the gauzey fabric is also chic polished creepiness. See? I think it's catch on... your welcome.

This is my favorite skull. Is that a weird statement? It probably is weird to have a favorite skull... It's the perfect silvery/grey color. And I am pretending that my stacked West Elm vases are potion jars. Pretend with me.

 We put some more gauzey fun by the tv, along with a skull and some spiders. I'm pretty sure Will will scare me with one or all of those spiders in the coming weeks. I will scream. And he will laugh. And my life of being scared by both my son and Hubby will have begun... Lucky me...

 Scary bat hanging from the ceiling fan? Check. Pumpkin lights on drapery rod? Check. Spiderweb lights outside on the balcony? Checkity Check Check!

I love it when I forget about something I bought last season... like these pillows from Target! I totally forgot about them and am super happy they're back in my life! I am loving the balance of black and orange on both sides of the sofa. Ah... Fall... Welcome to my home!

 Halloween is Hubby's favorite time of year, so just like Christmas (my favorite time), every stinkin' room in the house gets some spook-factor. At least if you're in the bathroom, you're near the toilet.

Will was particularly excited about putting a strand of pumpkin lights in his room. He wanted them left on when he went to bed tonight. Aw... I'm kind of jealous. I might have to go pick up some for our bedroom window. Everyone looks good in a warm orange glow... right? Don't worry, Captain Overprotective will unplug the lights and put the plug way up high so certain crazy little 2.5 year old doesn't decide he wants to turn the lights on himself. Safety 1st!

After getting all of our Halloween decor up, I just got super excited for the months to come. A switch to some fall decor come November... and then a switch to Christmas just weeks after that! Heaven! I love this time of year! Now if only our weather would catch up and cool down... 

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  1. aaaahhhhh!!! I LOVE love love your Oogie Boogie!!!! Great find and great Halloween Spirit!! Love it!


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