Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playtime at the Park

All this Autumn talk all over the blogosphere is making me yearn for cooler weather!  It's ridiculous here in New Jersey!! It's all hot and humid and wet and nasty.  And it's making all the mosquitoes multiply and breed and grow to mutant size.  I feel like I'm living in a swamp.  So it's totally understandable that the first thing I do when we had a day (literally one day) of cool weather...the kids and I went to the park with our little neighborhood friends.  Yes, it was still wet from the rain and they got absurdly dirty...but I don't give a poop!  We needed to enjoy some fall....y'all!

This is Sawyer..our next door neighbor and our best friend.  Yup, mine too.  He was certainly getting into the swing of things!  This was apparently his first time hanging....you go Sawyer!!

Hunter was having the hardest time climbing up this tunnel.  He usually has no problem...but today it was "so slippy!" 

My friend Lia (Sawyer's momma) was pointing out all the PG graffiti that was going on inside the tunnel.  "Peace." "Love."  "So and so was here."  Awwww....at least we know there's a lot of good feelings in our neighborhood....and self awareness....

And here's Hunter...finally making it through the tunnel!  Many "I did it's" and "Ta-das!" all around!
And the only way down is the slide....weeee!

As for my other little dude...there wasn't much in the way of playground equipment that was for him...but he just loved walking around and laughing at the other kiddos.  And he got to experience fallen, dead crunchy leaves.  He loved those...but the mulch on the ground...not so much.  I don't blame him.  It was still all wet from the rain and yucky.  My kids like to be clean...it's a blessing and a curse.  Try getting one of them to finger paint is like I'm telling them to stick a fork in their eye. 

This is his "ew somebody please clean my hand" face..

And then we went once down the slide, and he got awesome "slide hair."  And I was trying to be fancy in photoshop so the strands of hair would show up better....kinda no such luck.

Anyway....we got a teensy tiny little taste of whats to come in the next couple of months....and I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't go straight to winter like it did last year.  We need some cool days and comfortably cool nights to enjoy outside, BUG FREE, before the snow comes.  But for now...I will relish in the pics from the one cool day we had.

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