Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mellow Yellow

Oh it's busy busy here at the Ariani house, my friends!!  We are working, cookin', bakin', raising kiddos, P90X-ing it, painting the dining room, planning out board and batten treatments, and lovin' the end of summer activities!  Phew!  It's alot!! But despite all the other things we are doing....I somehow managed to finish my little lingerie cabinet!  After nearly a year of having this in my garage.  You can see what needed to be done to it here.  It was pretty beat.  No back, broken drawers, chips was a mess.

I can see your drawers!!! after a lot of was finally able to paint.  I decided to try and use what I had on I grabbed my handy dandy yellow paint that we used for the basement, and it's also the same paint that I used to mix my laundry room green (which reminds me that I need to show you an update on that.  Told you guys....busy busy in this house!!!!).  I actually REALLY don't like this yellow in the basement...but it has proven SUPER handy in mixing!  I'm quite impressed.  Anyway, I mixed it with Martha Stewart's "Bone Folder" (also on hand from the powder room paint job) and it turned out this creamy dreamy yummy yellow.

I used as much of the old hardware as I possibly could, I think only 2 handles were broken.  I thought the hardware was so cute and just needed a little touch up.  So for the 2 small drawers I purchase $1 hardware from Home Depot, and for the door I got a little dangle knob on clearance and Anthropologie for $2.  I sprayed everything in Rustoleums Champagne Metallic paint.  I LOVE this color.  I knew I wanted yellow and gold....but the gold was just so.......GOLD.  So this champagne was just subtle enough for some sparkle.  I still have to do the brassy part on the knob into the gold, but I love the eclectic chic look that the 3 different types of hardware give off.  Those were Heather's words, and I'm stealing them.  Thanks bestie! 

One thing that I noticed when I started painting was that there were all these little minute cracks in the finish.  With the dark wood color I didn't really see them...but when the paint started going on they were completely obvious.  I would have had to wood putty nearly the entire piece to get rid of them, but luckily I found them quite charming.  I kinda liked how this piece was becoming new, and MINE, but still showed the love and wear and tear that it's past had.  It totally adds to the charm of the that all worked out!

All I have left to do now is line the drawers with some pretty paper, and fill it!  Not even sure yet what's going to go in here...but I'm thinking it's going to be a big chest of know, jewelry, clutches, headbands and such.  Things that take up room in my closet that I can put in it's own special place!  This is the first real step in my bedroom makeover, and I just love waking up to this every morning...I can't wait until the room gets all together!  It's going to be know.....busy busy!!!

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