Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Summer To Do

I can't believe we're well into August now. Where has the summer gone? Thankfully, here in SoCal, it's been a pretty mild one. As you know, we have no air conditioning in our little hovel, so when its 95 outside, its easily 100 inside our house. Fans on, windows and doors open, in hopes of a breeze that will never come. At 9am today, it's cloudy and 67 degrees. And it's August. I know. I'm so sorry for you poor saps dealing with scalding temps. I've still got a billion things to do in the house and with our little dude. Here's a glimpse of Diapers&Divas' West Coast List:

  • Get my goofy kid in the water
  • Take a good picture with Goofy

  • Sell the Toy Story Cut-outs from Will's Birthday Party
    I also ended up making the buyer another 5! I'll have to post pics of that when they're all done. I almost don't want to get rid of them all. They're so cute!

Things still on my list & not completed:
  •  Paint Kitchen Table & Chairs
  • Reupholster kitchen chairs
  • Maybe repaint the kitchen, too?
  • And touch up all baseboards and trims

  • Find a dresser on Craigslist and redo it for my bedroom
  • Can something with all my new canning stuff!
    •  Fix picture backing on pics above our bed
    • And take pile of crap hidden on my side of the bed to Goodwill

    How's your summer To Do List looking? I'm sure I'm forgetting a million things on mine, but this looks pretty good for now. It's nice to cross stuff off. I feel so accomplished!

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