Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bargain Shopping!

I'm on a roll! Last week was a crazy busy week. I went back and forth to my parents' house everyday to work on another project I've got going on. They are my storage unit and my work bench since we sadly live in a condo hovel over here, with limited DIY space. While running around getting materials for my current project, I popped into Goodwill by their house and fell in love with these:

As-Is, they're pretty cool as book ends, or just cool statuesque things on my bookcase, but spray painted a lovely glossy white, or black, or sweet funky color, they would be great, too! They were $10 each. A little too rich for my blood, but I'm still dreaming about them. I might have to stop on by today and see if they're still there... What? Hubby? You're reading this? Well, I'm pretty sure you would think these were pretty cool too... so... don't be surprised if you see them randomly appear in our house. 

A lot of Goodwill stores are where Target clearance items go to die after they don't get sold. Case in point, this giant wall clock. There were several other Target things that were still in their original packaging with the clearance tag still on them. Sorry for the blur. These pics were taken on my camera phone while holding a squirmy 2.5 year old that doesn't understand the meaning of DON'T TOUCH!, so I opted to carry him instead of cart him and my arms got quite the workout.
This clock was still $49.99 at Goodwill. Even though its pretty cool looking, $50 is a little high... and I don't really know where I'd put it. Plus, Lani has the same one over her buffet in her dining room. I can't get everything she has. Or can I?

Did you know this passed Saturday was National Garage Sale Day? Who knew?! I guess now I know for next year and can time my garage sale with it. I was on my way to my parents' house and noticed Estate Sale signs in their 'hood. You bet I stopped on by. At first glance, it was kind of a mess. Games and boxes all over the driveway and lawn, but I saw 2 lovely lady lamps out of the corner of my eye and had to take a closer look.
SOLD! New lamp shades and maybe a coat of spray paint...or not. They've got great curves! I think one might go on the end table in our living room. I could use some height on that side.

Then I asked a dangerous question: "Do you have any furniture?" and she pointed to the side yard.

There was a headboard, foot board, two nightstands, large dresser, desk, and hutch all in this same set. I laughed because Lani bought a little 4 drawer dresser off Craigslist in this same collection. Remember what I just said about not having to get everything she has... As Hubby says, she's the Lucy to my Ethel, but sometimes I just have to say no. I think this set is super cute, but it just doesn't belong in my house.

On the way back to the front of the house, I died when I laid eyes on this beauty:
It's a sewing table. The old (broken) machine is still inside, but it would be super cute as just a regular desk. There's a little bit of structural issues, but they can easily be fixed with an extra screw or two. I don't know where I'm going to put this yet. I'm thinking about maybe using it as my nightstand, or maybe switching it with the end table in the living room with a cute little upholstered stool underneath. Hmmm...

And then as I was walking back to the car to ponder the items I liked, I spotted this in the garage. There are also 2 matching nightstands.
After a little negotiation, I could get the dresser, two lamps, and desk for $50.
So we left. The child was hungry and I needed to ponder for a second... It was noon and lunch time, so I went literally around the corner to feed Will at my parents' house. Could I really walk out of here with all of that for just $50?

We need a new dresser in our bedroom, like a fat kid needs cake. Heck, like I need cake! I've been looking for something on Craigslist that would be cool and functional in our bedroom that we could paint a nice glossy white to pop against our dark brown walls. Our current dresser is falling apart. The other stuff we don't need, but it's a great deal and is a cheap way to spruce things up a bit. We've been in our condo for over 4 years now. It needs a little face lift here and there.

Will and I went to the ATM after lunch because I never have cash. We hopped in my parents truck and rode back to the estate sale Britney Spears style... aka highly illegal and unsafe, but it's literally a 10 second drive on a closed neighborhood street. Don't worry, I'm not smashing any cars with an umbrella or shaving my head....yet. I gave the lady $60 and took the nightstands too.

Will talked to the kids while everyone else helped me load everything, but the dresser into the truck. And then I unloaded it in my parents' garage and came back for the dresser. Even the neighbor across the street helped us load up the car both times and took the mirror off of the dresser. I'm pretty sure I'm not keeping the mirror. I'm trying to figure out what I could do or make with it, but I'm not inspired. Any ideas? Please share!

So that was my crazy afternoon adventure. Estate Sale purchase on a whim!

Oh, and I'm surely (Don't call my Shirley) "borrowing" this new leave plate thing from my mom. Isn't it gorgeous!? I can't wait till Fall! It doesn't help that I have an addiction to fall colors and leafy things anyways...

I'm so excited to get crackin' on all these little painting projects lingering in my parents' garage. While I'm at it, I'll probably list a thing or two on Craigslist to help clear out old crap to make room for the new stuff!

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