Monday, August 15, 2011

Not So Random Acts of Painting

I first apologize for the state of these pics.  If anyone else has children...they surely know that paint and toddlers don't much of this work had to be done at night....meaning ugly light.  So...sorry.  :)

I bought this Martha Stewart paint about a month ago when Home Depot was having their $5 off a can of paint sale....and it's been sitting in my garage ever since.  I have been wanting this color for a very long time for the dining room, almost a year I think, so I thought it would be the perfect time to pick it up.  Sonny spotted it last week and asked me when I was going to start painting.  Hmmmm....good about NOW! 

The color is Rainwater by Martha Stewart and I looooove it!  When we moved into our house 6 years ago...I was on a total autumnal color scheme kick.  I attribute it to New Jersey actually having seasons so I was totally inspired by the leaves changing and the birds singing and all the undeveloped land and the back country roads.  But living in a townhouse with windows only in the front and back of the house really does require a light and bright color we are gradually transitioning from warm colors to cool colors.  Plus....I miss California a little right bright and beachy with a touch of modern here and there sprinkled with some vintage and a cup of chopped bacon.  Because everything is just better with bacon.  Here a shot of the before from the buffet side of the dining room.

See all the leafy greens and the tans?  The tan color is actually called Crab very, very fall-ish!  That buffet is getting painted too by the way....eventually.  It needs a little fixing up because it WAS a display in the kitchen showroom that I worked it was between 2 walls.  It needs sides, perhaps new countertops on the sides...and a paint job.  But guess what.....IT WAS FREEEEEE!!!  So I can't complain!
I love the way the new greeny aqua color really brightens up the room.  We are actually (randomly) doing another little project to the dining room side...which I don't want to show you just yet.  But here's the Rainwater color on the dining room side....with a little sneaky peaky of what we got going on!

Woo to the HOO!!!  This project kinda came at us like a runaway train...we really weren't expecting to do all this until MAYBE next month or at least before Thanksgiving...but once we got going...we just couldn't stop!  I can't wait to show you the rest!  I'm so excited!!


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