Thursday, July 14, 2011

Into the Bedroom!

Ooo....sexxxyyyy....nah.  Not really.  Still all about design.  Sonny always says that I am a sporadic designer where I don't complete a room before thinking of the next room/project/to-do...blah blah blah.  The rest of that lecture just sounds all mumbled to me.  Probably because I am thinking of the next thing to do!

I have been slowly refreshing the bedroom to make it brighter and airier and a little more fun and romantic.  So far...I've managed to get new sheets.  Yup...that's it.  HA!  I told you it was slow going!  Well...and the forces of nature managed to jump start the taking down of some shelves...and by that I mean...they literally just fell off the wall.  Thank you design gods...for that.  It was awesome.

Anyway...I've had this little lingerie chest in the garage since....hmmm...OCTOBER!'s been awhile.  But it needs some major work so I've kinda been putting it off...but no more!  Today is the day that I start THINKING about what I'm going to do to it!  Hahahahaha.....oh I make myself larf.  I'm almost 100% sure that this is going to go in my bedroom and it will most likely house some unmentionables...or accessories....or both.  The problem right now is I'm not sure WHERE in our bedroom it will go and what color it will be.  But here's just the start of the things that need to be fixed.

1) The's pretty much non-existent.  I've gotten a piece of fiber board to tack on the back and I think that will solve the problem.  I laughed when the woman I bought it from gave me the rotted off piece of wood and was like "here's the other half of the back."  Thanks...let me just glue/duct tape/sew/staple that back together!  Good as new!

2) The drawers (or "draws" as some Craigslisters on the East Coast say):  A couple of the drawers need new bottoms...which is ( I hope) a fairly easy fix.  I plan on just using the fiberboard to lay on top of the broken piece.  The next thing is some of the drawers have lost their stops in the back so they sink into the frame.  Another fairly easy (I hope) fix as I plan to either use a little nail or build it up with a little block.  This is my first time fixing a piece this bad..hence all the "I hopes."

3) The details: some of the drawers are cracked and chipped....and that I know is a fairly easy fix with some good ol' wood filler and sanding.  Then there is this little decal on there that is halve broken off. 

I do love I'm thinking of trying to find something similar...or I'll do what I did with my kitchen chairs and get a little something personal to  put on the front...that would be fun too.

4) The painting!  My favorite part!  I kinda have an idea to do the bedroom in aqua, taupey gray, yellow and pink (maybe with some bluey green on pillows and Sonny is not over girlied).  I came across this nursery picture and just loooove the colors

I can just imagine this in our bedroom....with a nice white bed frame and headboard.  Also loving the graphic black and white rug...but we'll see how that will fit it.  I was thinking that I would repaint our current espresso color dresser in this gray color like I was thinking of doing a really light yellow for the chest.  Nothing too bold...but something to just add that little bit of color.  Or maybe I'll do exactly this pic and do gray with white hardware.....Man I love this room.  Just got flutters from thinking about it translating into my bedroom...does anyone else get this excited about design?  I know Heather does!

So today during some naps I think I might start tackling the drawer stop issue first since that's on the interior of the cabinet.  Then I'll work my way out.  Wish me luck y'all!  It's the first step to my big bedroom makeover!!

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