Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Campers!

This is a no pictures I was not there to take pictures.  I am just here to preach the most wonderful thing that I have found when you have a wired up three year old who can't go outside because of a massive heat wave and a mommy who needs one less kid around to drive her batty.  What's that you say?  Day camp my friends....hallelujah to the miracles of day camp!!

We belong to a wonderful little place called Little Sport Gym in Maple Shade, NJ.  We've been taking a couple classes there for awhile, but we also hold a yearly membership for their arena.  This is great by itself for when its too hot (like now), or too cold (in a couple months).  Yeah....NJ sounds so desirable doesn't it?  Ha!  Anyway, they offer weekly summer day camps throughout the summer, each week having a different theme, but the beauty is you can sign up the kids for any day you don't have to go the whole week.  Since they were having a special during the hottest week of the summer...I signed Hunter up for 2 days right quick!

Oh. How. Glorious.  Ok, so part of me did this to get Hunter a heads up for what to expect from pre-school this know..."Bye Hunter...we're going to leave  you for a couple hours and I promise I'll be back!"  I thought that crying it out now and having a good start for the first day of school would make for better first-day-of-school pics.  Ha!  So I was all prepared for tears and no's and don't leaves....but wouldn't you know it...the little stinker said "ok bye mama!  See you later!!"  Well what the hell.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  I kinda stood there and thought maybe he hadn't heard me. 

"Ok!  Jagger and I are leaving and we'll be back soon!" 

"Ok!  See you mama!"

Well...I never.  I almost felt like crying that he didn't give 2 poops that I was leaving.  Hm.  Well.....guess..I'll just...leave...then. 

With 3 hours to kill with only one little kid...I was seriously lost for things to do last week.  You think it was liberating...but I have to admit...I was kinda lost....FOR THE FIRST 30 MINUTES!  I went to the mall.  Oh...yeaaaahhhh.  I had a single stroller, I had a baby who doesn't cry...and I had 3 hours.  I walked up and down and in and out of that mall like there was no tomorrow (cuz really, there wasn't).  I fully took advantage of her.  Sounds dirrty, but that mall was my bee-otch for 3 hours.  LOVE.

When I picked up Hunter...he handed me a paper fish that he made (the theme was under the sea) and told me he would like a jelly sandwich and to watch Yo Gabba Gabba before nap.  Ahhhhhh......he didn't even miss me.  As much as I was sad that my little puds was so heart and my head sang with joy and the thoughts of a steady schedule like this come fall.  I'm so glad that he took to this so well and it makes Sonny and I just so excited for the next stage in our "baby's" life.  Oh if I could only be a fly on the wall in those classrooms!!!  I really wanted to stay and take all kinds of pics of him and see what he was doing...but I had to let go.  Good thing I still have Jagger around for a couple years to smother before he goes to school!!  Then I'll be really free....Oh the possibilities!!!  The thought makes me faint.......

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  1. love this post! I have a two year old and completely understand the conflicting feelings you felt. I almost get a little jealous knowing my guy is having so much fun without me! but oh the freedom :)


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