Thursday, July 21, 2011

Draw Stops...

Did you know that drawers are also called draws?  This was a new one to me.  All over Craigslist on the east coast people advertise their dressers as "6 draw dresser" or "side table with one draw."  I laughed about this...but Sonny was like "no seriously....that's what they're called!"  I didn't want to go all high and mighty and get into a west coast/east coast battle....because we all know what happened the last time one of those battles happened.  Nobody won.  RIP Tu Pac and Biggie.  You'll be missed.  Although you've made more money since you've died with all your never before heard songs that you allegedly recorded since your death.  Regardless...nobody wants to get into one of those battles.

So what was this post about?  Oh yes....DRAWERS.  If you're an avid blog reader, or news watcher, or you just purely don't live under a'd know that there is a massive heat wave going on on the east.  Like massive. shoes practically melted to the pavement hot.  So hot it will make your cojones fall off....even if you didn't know you had any.  Seriously. So this has prevented the painting of my little lingerie cabinet seen here:

You can see the list of things that need to be done to the cabinet here.  Since I'm unable to get to the painting...I did manage to do a couple of the repairs before the heat wave hit...namely the drawers.  I had to create drawer stops because there were none in there and the drawers (draws) would slide all the way to the back.  Highly unsightly.

Thankfully, ONE...just one...drawer still had them so I could see what was going on with it.  For some reason I went into it thinking I would have to build up some pieces of wood in the back and adhere them on the inside of the cabinet and and and and....but it was SO much simpler than that.  Turns out I just needed a little piece of wood to adhere to the drawer here's the one that managed to stay existing throughout the years.

See those little pieces?  So simple! make it even EASIER....the other drawers still had the faded spot from where the previous stops used to i didn't even have to measure anything...just line up the new pieces of wood with the faded spots.  This is, like, the perfect repair for a ding bat like me!  Ha...ding bat.  My Dad used to call me that all the time.  Out of love...I'm sure he didn't think that I looked like a the mornings it could be debatable....beady eyes, disheveled hair, using my sonar to find my way through the dark.

So I was trying to decide what I was going to use for these little stoppers...and noticed that they are really no thicker that something that I'm sure any one of us have around at all times.  What's that you say? 

Yup-a-roo, chicky-poo....paint sticks.  I used me some paint sticks and wood glue and just adhered them to the old spots where the previous stops were.  My only snafu in this whole ordeal was how to cut the paint sticks.  At first I thought a hand saw would do just fine...I was wrong.  It was stupidly difficult and the sticks kept splitting!  So....I thought I'd break out my Christmas present I got from my dad

Yes I felt kinda stupid using a jigsaw for the first time to cut paint sticks, but it really was the best thing for the job.   I was a little nervous to use it for the first time by myself (remember I do most projects during naps) and I didn't want my kids to wake up with an injured mommy in the I called my dad....3000 miles away.  He did nothing but provide me moral support and stayed on the phone with me while I made my first couple of cuts.  If anything it was a quick call to 911 if something went wrong! see how it's all faded on the right? None of my pieces were as long as the faded lined...but it doesn't matter.  And that's my awesome paint stick stop on the left.  GENIUS!!  And FREE!!! Which is like double genius!  That task actually went by so quick that I was able to wood putty some of the holes, put the new back on, give it a quick sand, and prime it.  I won't bore you with those pics though...pretty sure you can picture it.  But I'm searching the paint cans in the basement to get a "free" color...and I'm pretty sure that this baby is going to go the yellow soon as the heat and humidity come down!  Come on weather!!!  Can't wait to show you guys the finished product! 

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