Friday, June 3, 2011

Starting to Recover

As I mentioned in this post...part of my summer to do is to re-cover my new kitchen chairs that I scored of Craigslist for (what?) $40.  $10 bucks a chair!!  Wooooot!  Ah-mazeing.  They initially don't look anything like my style...but I love the caneing, the high back that presents itself with a little formality, and the cool little medallions.  Almost makes me want to drink my coffee with my pinky out...pip pip and all that rot!  One of those medallions are missing, though, so I think I have to find a fun little something at Home Depot to replace them biggie!!

The chair on the far right is even sanded down already...bonus!  Less work for me!  My first task is to strip these guys of their awful condition cushions.  Blech!!

Part of me wants something punchy and fun for the cushion like these

Tonic Living,Tempo, Mambo,100% Cotton,Retro futon covers, retro fabric and pill  Pop Garden Pop Daisey Red - Discount Designer Fabric - Fabric.comAmy Butler Midwest Modern Fresh Poppies Fuchsia - Discount Designer Fabric - Fa

And another part of me wants to go geometric and simple.  My planes for the frames are modernizing these bad boys with a spraying of glossy white not sure which direction I want to go with the fabric yet.  I think I'll go where the wind takes me....

Tonic Living,Varenna, Stone,100% 10 oz cotton duck,Retro futon covers, retro faTonic Living,Chain Link,100% Certified Organic Cotton,Retro futon covers, retro
Amy Butler Home Décor Soul Blossoms Twill Bliss Temple Doors Flo Blue - DiscounRobert Allen Woven Jacquard Ikat Damask Pewter - Discount Designer Fabric - Fab

And just so you know....I totally have plans to change the orange walls in the kitchen.  As much as I LOOOOOOVE it....I think after 6 years I want a little change.  I plan to have punches of orange throughout the kitchen though...just beacause I can't fully tear myself away from that color.  I've been trying to draw inspirations for the overall flow of my house, and I find that I keep gravitating towards the blues and the grays....but ultimatly I kinda love a rainbow of colors.  Not like literal Rainbow brite rainbows...
View Image

Although she is super cute.  Lately I've been really drawn to Jen's colorful crispness over at Iheartorganizing.  First of all...her house is crazy organized, something that I aspire to do but am SO FAR from acheiving...and second, I just love how bright and colorful and cheery everything is!

{All pics from Iheartorganizing}

Isn't her house amazing??  The bedroom is just to die.  Anyway....after an extreme tangent....back to the kitchen chairs.  I kind of see these as a jumping off point for the whole mood of the house.  This is my first big re-do of furniture, and I see the kitchen table as the hub of my house.  It's where my boys will eat breakfast, create masterful works of art, where my hubs and I will share war stories, and where we will blow out birthday candles and create memories.  I lean towards this fabric for its color and whimsy...
Tonic Living,Tempo, Mambo,100% Cotton,Retro futon covers, retro fabric and pill
But I'm just not sure.  I think once I get the gloss white on there and put everything in the space I will get a better idea of what which direction to go.  I can't wait until this 2nd go-round of the garage sale happens so that I can clear out the garage and get my workspace going!!!


  1. I LOVE all the fabric you're looking at using! Where did you find it? Can't wait to see how your chairs turn out! :)

  2. Mallory -

    They are from and The ones from are mainly Amy Butler....I just LOOOOVVVVEEEE her stuff and already have fabric for some DIY curtains picked out for my dining room. Her stuff is SO cute. Thanks! I can't wait to see how these turn out either!! haha!


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