Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old School Fun

We are having a heat wave here in South wave.  Being from California, I'm still not used to the humidity that arrives with the heat and I want to smack the weatherman when he says "it will be 103....but it will feel like it's 110."  Feel this, weatherman!!  Just kidding, Glen "Hurricane" Schwartz....I actually do love you.  Seriously, he's the most accurate weatherman I've ever watched.

Anyway....enough about the weather.  The point is, it's been so hot that we've had to find some good old fashioned indoor fun for these 2 kiddos so we can all bask in the AC.  And as much as i hated to turn on my oven, crayons, trains, books, and action figures were all getting old.  So it was officially cookie baking time!!!  I waited until Sonny got home so little Jagger was not crawling all over the oven while it was on...but Hunter had a blast.  I made good old fashioned classic chocolate chip.  Nothing fancy....but oh so delectable!  And of course...there was plenty of beater lickin'!  I love good old fashioned fun!

{Chillin' and watching!}

{I think he thought the actually beater was edible....he didn't quite understand LICKING he was gnawing on it}

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