Friday, June 10, 2011

Flower Power

In the bazillion degree heat that we are having....I had to run out of milk, bread, and bananas.  Oh fab.  So the boys and I had to make a quick trip to Wegmans to be sure that we had all the essentials for a day of vegging in front of our newly upgraded TV tomorrow.  I just splurged for the Disney Channel (WHHHHAAATTTT???) so we are having a veggie day with Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse tomorrow.  YAY!

Anyway...I walk into Wegmans and see a full display of THE most beautiful roses I've ever seen.  Like, seriously beautiful.  A double sided display of every color rose from white to blood red, orange to violet, and those lovely multi colored fire and ice roses.  I about died.

Sorry for the super crappy cell phone pic.  I had to take it while Jagger was distracted (hence the looking away) or else he would try and eat my phone.  Anyway, is that display not UNBELIEVABLE!?!?!  And I only captured the bottom of the arrangement they had in the middle, but it was making me wrack my brain for if we had a huge bowl in my house. $1 a stem...I couldn't resist.  I got 23.

TWENTY THREE????  That's what Sonny said.  WHY?  Why not just twelve? boring.  I wanted to do one huge arrangement like in the store, but I honestly had no where to put it or anything to put it in, so instead I broke up the flowers into three separate arrangements to enjoy all around the house.  I put orange and white on the dining room table to enjoy a bit of color on the all brown table and drab green in there (it's getting painted ASAP...

Do you guys know this trick for making your flowers all perky and pretty in vases?  I make a grid out of clear scotch tape on the top of the vase. 

This way the flowers don't fall over and you can arrange them without stuffing a bunch of filler to make them stand the way you want.  My favorite little secret that makes the flowers soooooo preeetty.  Then I made a wee vase full of yellow with orange tips mini roses in the bathroom.  So sweet!

Speaking of the bathroom...I finally got art for the wall beside the shelf!!  Check another thing off my summer to do!!!  Hooray!

It's not anything super special...but I love the contrasting stripes going on (the super large horizontal and the blue and green vertical in the art)...and I wanted something a bit beachy...and they were on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99!  Woot!  Super score!

 And finally...I created a little arrangement of deep pink roses, and some white with pink tipped roses to spice up the romance in the bedroom!  Sooooo romantic as I fold laundry.  Haha!!

I'm going to definitely try to keep fresh flowers in my house, as they really do lighten and brighten the place!  These make me want to figure out a place to plant a rose garden!  What a lover-ly way to start my weekend!

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  1. Now I want to go buy flowers for my house! :). -Jessica S.


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