Monday, June 27, 2011

First's and Third's

This weekend was all out fun because we celebrated Hunter's 3rd birthday!!  I can't believe the little man is turning THREE already!!  One of our first posts on this here blog was about his first birthday....memorieeessssss....

Isn't he just a sweetie?'s all a show for the camera.  On Saturday night we got to take Hunter to his first movie EVER!!!!  Of was Cars 2!  Hence the back country hick look in honor of Tow Mater!  Here's a full body pic so you can get the full effect

Doesn't he look like a human incarnation of Mater?  I love it!  Dad dressed him of course.  I probably would have gone for the shirt and jeans and his little dress it up a bit.  Oh....and any camera experts out there know why I sometimes get that shadow in my pics when I use the flash?  Yeah yeah yeah...I know....never use the flash....but what are you going to do when you only have a few seconds to spare when you're kid is actually smiling when asked to and he's on a dark staircase?  "Hunter just hold on while I get my exposure right and change my ISO and adjust my white balance!!!!"  Hm....not sure he'd comply. off to our favorite diner and the movies!!  He was clearly excited

But once the previews came on...O.M.G.  I'm pretty sure that's what he's thinking in this pic. Hunter speak...the TV (movie screen) was SO GIANT!!

And yes...I took a pic when the theater was dark.  I was that annoying mom.  But so what.  Who cares.  It was one pic and it was the previews!!!  I only say this in defense of a "tsk" I heard when I did.  I should have turned and took a pic of that person real quick and blogged about it.  But...I didn't.  Because I'm nice like that.  And I looked dang good that night.

Me looking cute had nothing to do with the tsk tsk lady...just wanted to point out that I looked cute and am actually wearing earrings.  Hunter appreciated it.  He told me they were "SO pretty."  Thanks baby....I think you're pretty pretty too!  Hey, my boys were taking me out that night so I had to attempt to pretty this hot mess up...and yes technically Sonny and I were taking Hunter out...but they don't have to know that I saw this as a treat to myself!!  Oh...and I did not leave Jagger home alone in the closet like I usually do.  He was playing next door with our awesome neighbors.  Thanks friends!!!

Then on Sunday we threw a Cars themed party for our little dude!  Hooray!  It was a brunch style at normal playdate time so I knew all the kiddos would be happy and ready to have fun.  Pretty smart, huh?  As Hunter's social circle is relatively small right was an intimate gathering with his cousin and the neighborhood kids...but I still made it a big deal and kept up with my promise to myself of making their cake every year!  Go mom!  Super mom! Wahoo! Alright!  It's your sons birthday....shake your groove thing!  Wow carried away there.  So here's some party shots

{ There's some flaws...but it turned out better than I expected!  And I'm no longer afraid to dye my own fondant!}

{I made some pull string was a MILD success....}

{post pinata scramble}

{trying to look skinny and cute....I achieved neither goal.  HA!}

It was a great party!  It was like a playdate on crack!  Complete with Mimosas...for the adults...not kids.  Come on.  I'm not that crazy of a parent.  Almost.  But not quite.  It was goooood times...but just glad that I don't have to think of another kids party until April!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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  1. That cake is awesome! I am your newest follower. I would love if you would stop by and check out some of my cakes, and if you like--follow back!


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