Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Target Haul!!

Ok...don't you love when you go into Target for Aleve and bread and you decide to walk around because the kids aren't screaming at you and you come across a whole aisle of home decor stuff you've been eyeing that has like 4 Target workers marking everything down 75% off???  I love that! Don't you love that?  I love that!!!  (best Nate Berkus impression ever)  I practically called "DIBS!!!!!" while bowling those poor employees down with my cart.

Sorry for the crappy phone pic...but I snapped this to show Heather my loot and forgot to take another with the regular cam.  I got 2 pillows ($5 each), a mirror ($12 from $50), and tray ($4), 3 Hurricanes ($2, $3, and $4), 2 sets of kitchen napkins ($1.50) and a set of kitchen towels ($1) and some candles!!  I mean come on!! How much better can you do??  The second best part (the first being scoring the loot)....I went there today to pick up something and decided to see what was left....and it was ALL GONE.  No joke...all bye bye.  So I literally got first choice and good thing too!  Check out the new pillows hangin' with my clearance Pottery Barn ones.  Green pillows this is blue....blues this is green.  Now play nice!

Awww....I think they play very nice together!!  I love the brightness! Goooo Summer!

Ah they make my ginormous brown couch just a little lighter....now I just gotta do something with that ottoman!  One project at a time.  I'm currently working on my kitchen set and hope to have that up for you guys soon!  The table is painted and sealed and now it's time to decide on the fabric for the chairs and get those going.  But for now....I'm relishing in my score at Target and just gotta find the perfect spots for all this cool stuff!

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