Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things I've learned since becoming a mother..

Here I am on Mother's Day weekend, trying to figure out what I'm going to be wearing to Vegas in two weeks (nothing too slutty, too matronly, not too short, not too long, hide the rolls, flatter the arms.....), and reflecting a little on how my life has changed since becoming a mother.  We are soon going on 3 years of myself being a mama... and I can say honestly that I sometimes feel like it's the first day I held Hunter in my arms.

I am no guru....I am no expert.  I really just take one day at a time and do what I think will teach lessons, entertain, and most important (for me anyway) prevent a meltdown.  I just thought it would be fun to share a couple things that I've learned about myself, about life, and about babies (mainly mine) since becoming a mom.

1. Life is just a series of moments....and even though there is shopping to be done, food to be made, cleaning of the really have to stop and savor the small moments.  It could be as simple as your child singing his first song (although I don't know if Cee Lo's "F you" was the best first song), your baby resting his head after a good meal, or a longer than normal nap time that you get to watch the Nate Berkus show in peace with a HOT (not lukewarm) coffee.  I've learned that I would rather have a peaceful day where my boys will remember that Mom played trains with us all day, but that might just be me.  Live your life by the small moments instead of the To-Do list...after all....there will be more laundry tomorrow anyway.

2. Kids are not adults.  I mean....this sounds totally obvious right?  They're kids.  I should stress that I'm talking about babies and toddlers cuz I have no experience with anyone over 3 years of age.  But I've learned that they aren't going to listen, even when you've told them a million times, they don't learn things the first time you show it to them...and even if they do...they will forget the next day.  They cannot WAIT for why try.  I teach my kids patience...but to tell them to wait an hour for something is just crazy talk.  I've learned that their "clock" is not like our own and even though lunch is scheduled for noon...their time might be 11:30, and telling them to wait 30 minutes is just asking for a meltdown.  So in short....they are not adults.  They are you have to be the adult and just pick your battles....

{Yes he's playing with a toilet brush....but I just bought it and hadn't used for a couple hours it was his hair brush}

3. Time off is not a bad thing.  Even though I feel guilty for dumping the kids and being excited about having a night with the really makes me appreciate being back with the boys.  As much as I know they love their grandparents...there is NOTHING better than going to pick them up and Hunter asking if he can come home.  It makes me realize that we've created an environment that my kids LOVE to be in...and that makes every hardship in life worth while.

4. Being organized truly makes life easier.  I am trying my darnedest at this.  With the few (FEW) things I've streamlined in my house, it really has made a task go by quicker, therefore giving me more time for myself, for the kids, and for other projects.  I'm slowly, but surely, getting my life under control.....

5. At the end of the day....I know these 2 little turds love me....and I love them....and there really is nothing better....


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