Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Remodeling Day!!!

Ahhhhh....that was my mother's day!  Sweet Sonny asked what I would like and I said "to sand and prime the new kitchen table."  He thinks I'm nuts....but I know all you mom DIYers out there know what I'm talking about.  It's a cry for "take care of the kids so I can concentrate on doing something I love."  Yeeeaaahhhh....and I LOVED IT!

I recently sold our kitchen table on Craigslist (woot woot!) because it was far too big for my eating space.  I started this whole kitchen re-do here when I sold the never-used-and-always-in-the-way kitchen cart.  That helped open the space tremendously...but the 6 person, farmhouse style kitchen table was still waaaaay too big.  Also, it was ugly.  Sorry my father in law (every time I sell something he comments on how much it means to him.  I think he's being sarcastic...but not sure....), but it was totally out of the box, every person has one or knows someone who has one, boring.  So....out the door it went.

See how poor little Jagger is all shoved in that corner?  It's so tight, and not in like an early nineties rapper way.  It's just tight.

And see that shelf up on the wall?  The pic isn't better because I wasn't taking these for the blog...they were for the craigslist posting....but you can see it.  If anyone were to sit on the window side then they would have to do this funky duck-an-scoot move to get between the chair and the wall, but under the shelf.  Those shelves are moving too, by the way.  Good on paper....not in real life.  So after selling that table (side note...took less than 12 hours to get rid of it on craigslist from posting to pick up!) here's what the room looks like now.

Hello space!!  I am also selling the high chair as Jagger can sit in a booster that frees up even more!!  And you can see the shelves better from this pic.  The lighting is awful....sometimes I really HATE living in a townhouse where light only enters from 2 sides of the house.  Gar.  Anyway...and here's what I started on Mother's Day!

Yes, it's a simple pedestal table....that I scored for $25 on Craigslist!!!  WOOOT!  It's done in that pickled finish that makes the wood just a little pinky...blech, but I'm just doing it in a white-white and it will look so sweet and fabu.  And most importantly, it will fit that space SO much better than that largey margey one.  It's sanded and primed...but you guys know what primer looks like, right?  No need to post pics of that, right?  I'll be painting the rest of it this week, along with getting ready for my garage sale this weekend, so I'll be posting pics soon of the finished table!

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