Friday, May 6, 2011

A Royal Affair

Last Friday, as we all know, a royal wedding occurred.  As these things don't happen very often, I definitely wanted to celebrate at least a little bit.  So I quickly called my sister in law and my niece and told them to head on over for an impromptu tea party!  Lots of this are happening impromptu-like over at casa Ariani...

I made my easy squeezie lemon curd, got some mini scones and muffins from the store, and made "Tea" (really just some watered down apple juice...for the kids) and coffee!  It was so sweet!  Hunter was really getting a kick out of the wedding, yelling "the Queen!!!!   The Queen!!!". And every time Kate Middleton came on he was like "wow....she's ew-tee-ful!!!" sweet.  He can appreciate a beautiful woman.

The two little munchkins had a blast sipping their tea and eating their little pastries.  I even made some quickie tea sandwiches for Aunt Claudia and I.  Mmmm....salmon, cream cheese, and onion.  Yum.  Mmmm...cucumber egg salad.  Delish!!!

Overall it was quite a successful little party!  I sure had a good time, and it just makes me smile when Hunter knows that something special is going on and gets excited.  These kiddos are growing too fast.  I'm glad I get to do things like this and cherish these moments.  Look at me getting all emotional...I guess weddings always make me cry.

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