Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Summer To Do!!

Now that we are FULLY back from vacation (but the kids are still on West Coast time...hurrah!!  Woke up at 10 am this morning!!!), I am seeing a BUNCH of projects that need to get accomplished around this here house.  Sonny even commented last night that we need to patch holes, caulk baseboard, plant flowers....blah blah blah blah.  Must be because he had some actual TIME at home to see it that he is noticing all this.  That's what happens when you have six 14 hour work don't noticed diddly about your abode!

Anyway, so since I had the time I compiled a small "Summer List" of things that def need to get done around here.  Some may be wishful thinking....but hoping we can accomplish a good majority of this:

  • Clear out the garage : We had our garage sale not too long ago....but we have so much good stuff left that we are going to hold a "last chance" sale this weekend before it all goes to Goodwill.  Nothing over $5....seriously.  Just take it! This needs to get emptied!!
  • Finish the kitchen table (started here).  This must be done after said garage sale as it is buried in the back
  • Shelves for laundry room
  • Paint the dining room and trim
  • New light fixture for dining room and entryway
  • Art for the powder room to make it finally complete
  • Re-upholster and paint new kitchen chairs
  • Hooks, console table, and basket storage for the entryway
  • Plant flowers and mulch front and back
  • Fix bare patches in grass in the front
  • Repair and paint buffet in dining room
  • Curtains for dining room
  • Create a frame wall much like the one dining room (lots of stuff going on for the dining room)

{From Young House Love}
  • Patch holes in the kitchen
  • Spray paint the mail organizers white
  • Create a better shelving/organizing system in the entryway closet
  • Clean carpets
  • New light fixture for kitchen
  • Possibly re-arrange the living room (meaning taking the gigantic sectional BACK down to the basement....this is why it's possibly...)
  • Spray paint bistro set out back
  • Outdoor rug for backyard
  • Create some kind of outdoor buffet cabinet
Not a terribly long list right?  HA!  Surprisingly a lot of this was out of Sonny's mouth.  I'm hoping to def get started on some stuff this week before the last chance sale to get the momentum going!

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