Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holiday Hijinx

Well....if you didn't notice...we've been MIA for the past week.  Where were we?  What were we doing? Are we fulfilling life long fantasies and traveling to far off lands....or just bumming out on the couch? Oh the questions just keep pouring in!  Here's a little picture essay of our last week...

First the Ariani's hung out in the airport...waiting for their red-eye flight, strolling the kids to fall asleep....only to find out after 3 delays that the flight has been canceled....goooooood times.....

Then we finally caught a flight out to Cali and the kids were fantastic...doing this most of the time

Finally making it to Cali....the Ariani's dropped the kiddos off at the G-rents house and headed out to Las Vegas!!!

{That's Heather on the left being the super-duper model, our friend Genni in the middle, and Heather's Hubby on the right....also the ultra supermodel}

We dined, we drank, we saw a show and played some Beer Pong.....that's right....Beer Pong....

And Sonny and I got to visit the bar where we met!!  Awwww...

After fully being fabulous for 2 days...we picked up the kids and toted them off to Disneyland!

We met some characters...

Rode on some teacups...

Laughed a whole lot

And hugged and cried when we had to leave each other once again....

 Now we're back to reality, and ready to tackle all new projects and finish old ones....and ready to blog it all to you folks!!  What a great break though!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Heather - I LOVE your flapper dress! Too cute!

  2. Aw, Thanks Mallory. I LOVE it too! It's so super comfy & my favorite color. :)

    I miss those boys already. Real life sucks.


  3. Stopping in via Centsational Girl's vacation link party. Disneyland never gets old! Just was there last week and going back in a couple weeks! Thanks for sharing your vacation post!


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