Monday, March 28, 2011


For some reason while I was making these I kept singing that Shaggy song from the early nineties.  "They call me Mrs. Boombastic,cuz I'm POM-tastic...."   Yeah.....I get down while I craft.  And sometimes do a little booty shaken while I craft as well...

I'm trying to get myself WAY ahead with the birthday party stuff and decided that I wanted to make these poms again.  I initially made them for Jagger's Christening party (seen here)...and love them so much I wanted to make them again for his first birthday!  My theme of Jagger's party is a "Woodland ONE-derland," So my idea for these darling poms is to create a sort of canopy like effect on the ceiling.  We'll see how it goes.


Tissue paper 20"x30"
Some thin floral wire
A bone folder....if you don't have big's just to get those creases good and, well, creased
Sharp scissors

Starting at on end of the paper, fold in an accordion style about an inch.  Seal every fold with the bone folder.  You have to try and get those creases as flat and crisp as possible.

Keep folding and creasing back and forth until you end up with something that looks like this

Take a piece of your floral wire and twist it around the center of your folded paper

Cut the ends of the paper into a sweet little semicircle.  This will give your pom a really nice looking edge when you pull apart

Fan out the accordion just a little....I did it way to much in this pic and I think it's why my poms look a little less structured than Martha's.  You really want to keep those creases intact.

Start separating each piece of tissue, one by one.  It will start to get fluffy and fabulous.  And you have to be careful because the pieces tend to stick together because of the accordion fold and you do not want to ruin you're pretty cut edges by ripping them.  Which I've done...numerous times...because I'm not careful.

Then you end up with the cutest little pom pom ever!!! 

So Martha's poms look way more manufactured and pro than mine, but I kinda like the way mine turned out very organic and slightly haphazard.  After all...nature is not why should my nature-esque tissue paper pom look that way?  You can find Martha's instructions above...but here's what I did.

I plan to hang these from the ceiling using mono filament and 3M command clear hooks.  I'm hoping using the 2 color greens and hanging them will kinda look like you're looking up at the trees.  Won't that be cool?  It's a good idea anyway.  But that means that I have about a million more of these to make and a whole lot more booty shaken to do...... sometimes I hate my good ideas.  :)

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  1. Getting ahead is an AWESOME idea. I bought my first party item in November for my sons end of July birthday party. Yes, I knew the theme that early on.


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