Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Snaps Up!!

Omg, omg omg omg.  Ok so...this coming Sunday is my 30th birthday.  Ok....it's actually my 31st...but since last year my milestone birthday fell on Easter (boo), and I was well on my way to being 8 1/2 months pregnant (Boo...and yay!..but boo for the birthday part), we really couldn't celebrate my 30th in proper style.  There were no drinks, no parties, no trips.  All my other gal pals were going on cruises, to Europe or Hawaii or other far off places, there were gatherings to celebrate all together that I couldn't attend....in short....it was kind of a sad 30th birthday.  The biggest party was a dinner with my friends out here where I had a glass of water.  Wop wop wop....

So this year...we have planned a big trip to....VEGAS!!  We aren't going until May, but for Sonny and I this is to celebrate my 30th!  Heather and her Hubs are coming, as well as my sis and her friend, and my friend Megan and her boyfriend!  I couldn't be more excited!  Las Vegas is kind of a special place for us since that is where Sonny and I met.  Awwww....

But Sonny surprised me with another early birthday present.....omg....here I'll just show you a pic

Yup!! A NEW CAMERA!!!  I almost fainted...I died.  It's so fantastic!! I've been wanting one of these since Hunter was born, knowing I'd need a better camera to take all those baby shots.  But it just wasn't in the cards or budget.  Then I hinted at it again when Jagger was born...but again...not in cards or budget.  But little sneaky Sonny has apparently been putting some money away and he got me the Nikon D5000....a perfect beginner DSLR (which I am a total beginner....extreme actually) AND he got some package deal where it comes with an additional lense and a cool (not) carrying case!  The case WILL be useful....it's just not diva standards.  :)  But AMAZING!!

SO of course I've been learning and snapping and and chasing after kids and adjusting settings and generally just trying to figure stuff out!  It's been so amazing the couple days I've had it...I really can't wait until the weather gets just a little warmer here (yeah...it was 28 this morning) to take it outside and see what it can really do!  I'll just share a few of the early shots that I've taken as of yet!  I'm so stoked!!  BEST 30TH BIRTHDAY EVER!!!  I totally don't mind delaying my 40th bday a year to get a Chanel bag!!!  HAHA!!

{Lots of Poms...you can read more about these here}


{Trying to practice with focus}

{Wassat mom?}

{Right after potty time}

{Angry Cheesin'}

{Overgrown Pepper}
 Hopefully I get better!  I'm well aware that I'm just an amateur...but I'm just so impressed and blown away by the image quality...I can't wait to keep on snappin'!

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