Monday, March 14, 2011

Just another lazy Sunday

Ever since Hunter has been a teenie weenie he has NEVER enjoyed just laying in bed with us on a Sunday morning.  I think that he was scared we were trying to put him back to bed and that we weren't going to feed him breakfast.  So yesterday morning, when he willingly climbed into our bed to snuggle with his daddy...we flipped out!!  I got so excited that I ran downstairs to get every one's milk (in sippies), a bowl of dry cheerios, and we had the best Sunday morning as a family EVER!  It was so much stinkin' fun to just lay and relax and watch some Spongebob while munching on Cheerios.  Not only did we get in some quality cuddle time with the boys...but Sonny and I got to take turns closing our eyes for a little bit!  And let's not forget that Pepper had a great time vacuuming up the dropped goodies. Best. Morning. Ever.

{Cheese for Cheerios!  I apologize for the poor lighting...we had yet to open the windows to let all the glorious sunlight in}

{Hit me again Daddy...}

{Sigh...I love my boys. And the sheets totally got washed because there milk drips...but it wast totally worth it}

{Who could not love this?}


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