Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DIY Art for my Entryway

In a continuing effort to decorate my house after living here for five years, I decided to do a little DIY art for my entryway (hence the post title.  Only straight shooters here, people!).  I've really been admiring the whimsical and eclectic living room of the iCarly set lately.  Yup, my son watches iCarly and loves it.  I think he loves Carly.  I think that Will and Hunter may be fighting over her someday.  I think that I love the show too.  You should check it out.

Anyway, the character, Spencer, is an artist so they have alot of interesting "art" on the set, but I love the letter plaques on the wall next to the elevator, seen below

I still can't decide whether it's a completely random jumble of letters...but I think the last 4 plaques spell the  word "Down" which I find funny.  So, being inspired by that....I created this.

Cute right?  It was mostly an organic method.  I really just got 2 different sizes of canvas when they were on sale at Michael's, grabbed some letters, and used paint that I had on hand.  I didn't know exactly what colors I wanted...but knew I wanted some variation in each one while having a common element.  It was all going very blue and I randomly wanted to do a lime green somewhere.  It was all just looking a little too similar to each other.  After a couple texts to my not-so-handy but-very-dandy other half in California...Heather suggested doing a lime wash on the "H."  Then it all started really coming together.

Oh and I meant "no-so-handy" as in she's 3,000 miles away from me...not that she can't wield a power tool.  Indeed she can my friends.

I love how the greens and blues really brighten the space with a just that little pop of color.  And the green adds just a little spring freshness to the house.  I also love how the letter look from my couch in the living room.  Just a little whimsical peek-a-boo to remind me of what's important in life...


  1. I like them. It's a great color palette.

  2. Cute idea! Love how they fit in that space!

  3. OK that is really cute!!
    iCarly, who knew!!

    Hi girls, I am your latest follower!!


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