Saturday, March 12, 2011

Impromptu birthday cake of pure deliciousness

Also known as "White cake with mango filling and cream cheese icing topped with toasted coconut".  Both are long...but pure deliciousness just really captures the essence of this delightful dessert.  I'm FULL OF WORDS today peeps!

So Sunday is my Father in Laws birthday, but they are leaving to go on a cruise that day (lucky boogers), so I thought that I would make him a little impromptu birthday cake before he left. I used only what I had on hand (boxed white cake mix, mangoes, cream cheese, coconut) and it all came together in a this pile of goodness.  This is definitely something I'll be making again, and it's tropical flavors brought a lovely inkling of the warmer weather to come! 

Pure Delicious Cake:

1 boxed white cake mix, prepared to package directions
1 mango
1 recipe for coconut cream cheese frosting (I used this one from the Neelys)

1. Prepare and bake you're white cake...while its baking, you can chop your mango into cubes.

2. While your cake is cooling, make your cream cheese frosting.  When your cake has cooled, level the top of your cake with a knife, and cut the cake in half to fill.  Take your frosting and spread a little on the 2 sides of the side of your cake.  Sprinkle your mango on one half, and top with the other half.

3. Frost the cake liberally with the cream cheese frosting, and press the toasted coconut (in the recipe for the frosting above) into the frosting.  Cut the cake, relax, and let the delightfulness envelope you!

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