Thursday, March 10, 2011

Division of Labor

OOOOOHHHHHH how I want to rant and rave about my "wonderful" husband!  Ok...he actually is very wonderful...but lately he has been so slacking on the home front its cah-razy.  Because I'm (currently) a SAHM, I didn't much mind the fact that I was doing much of the housework like cooking, daily cleaning, laundry, and other such maid-like duties.  But because I've been interviewing to go back to work...I guess I just assumed that my darling other half would realize that I am STILL doing most everything around the house, including bathing and bedding BOTH boys on numerous nights because he has school and finals.  Normally we each take one to put to bed, but because I've understood that he has his schoolwork, I've been doing it.

Well I have a very super important gosh-I-hope-I-get-this-job-because-I'd-be-perfect-for-it job interview today, and I was NOT the last one up last night, and I came down to a living room in shambles. SHAMBLES!!  Not just messy....but toys were still scattered everywhere, the couch cushions were all bunched and crazy and a couple were on the floor, and the throws were all whacked out and crumpled.  Then I walk into the kitchen....and there are crumbs all over the counter, apple juice on the counter, a lone cupcake sitting on the counter NEXT TO (not inside of!) the fridge.  I was like he just had some midnight madness where he just shoved a cupcake in his mouth letting crumbs fall everywhere, chugged some apple juice straight from the bottle and just left it on the counter...and had the worst restless nights sleep on the couch. I just about had a bird.  A real bird.  Robin I think.  I also had a small Charlie Sheen moment where I ranted incoherently about trolls. I cannot entirely fault him, though, as he did manage to run the dishwasher...with half of the dishes still in the sink.  ?????

So, after writing Sonny a totally insane super nice email about how the last thing that I should have had to do the day of my interview was run around like a crazy woman cleaning up before his mother came over to watch the kids, I pretty much ran around like a crazy woman cleaning up before his mother came over.  Is Lysol a good scent for an interview?  Ugh.  I even threatened....I mean...warned....that If anything was tossed around or left behind for me to clean would get stuffed into his pillow and he would have to sleep with it.  This was including and not limited to socks, dirty dishes, lunch boxes that don't get put away, and diaper genie bags that don't get tossed out.  And I would be sleeping in the guest room so he could sleep in his filth.  Oh what the mad wife I was!  Anyway...he called and apologized profusely and said that I was right (Duh, winning.  Wow...2 Sheen references in one post) and promised things were changing TONIGHT! WAHOO!  So I'm off to design a simple yet effective chore chart of sorts to make sure that our house remains intact and disinfected with 2 working parents, 2 little toddlers, and one little doggy.  Any tips on how you all keep your houses running efficiently, cleanly, and organized? I'd love to hear them!

PS: And my interview went great!  Here's hoping, y'all!  Cross your fingers, toes, eyes, legs....but don't cross me!  Haha!  You might get a bag of poop in yer pilla.


  1. You should get a wonder woman award for making it through your crazy day! Maybe you have tiger blood? j/k! Fingers crossed for your interview!! :)

  2. I can TOTALLY relate! And I don't have any suggestions because I'm still troubleshooting similar scenarios as well, but bravo! Also, like the chores chart idea. Would love to hear how that takes.


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