Monday, February 28, 2011

Work Wardrobe

Being on the hunt for a job after three years of being a SAHM has kinda slapped me in the face when it comes to my wardrobe.  Being in a typical mom-uniform of jeans, tees, and sneaks has pretty much eliminated professional work wear from my closet.  Since I've been going on a couple interviews already (woot!) I've been starting to mentally piece together what I would like for my new professional look.  I've been thinking chic, yet simple and easy, low cost, and able to transition from work world to mom world with the switch of a shoe or the swish of a cardi. 

I like the idea of having a few tops, pants, and skirts to mix and match, along with a couple cardi's or jackets in case of the chill of the air conditioner.  If there's one thing that I remember from every place I've ever worked is that it doesn't matter if it's 90 degrees or 40 degrees outside...that AC was ALWAYS on full blast.  And how odd that I was always seated right by the vents? Making the basics simple and then punching them up with a few bold, bright accessories will make even the simplest outfits stand out. And since I will be sans children...I figure a couple fabulous high heels are a must.  Then I can switch out to some fab flats once I get home with the kiddos! And I'm going to make sure that all the pants and skirts I get are outstanding enough for work, yet easy enough to move in when I'm chasing a little boy around!  Kinda makes me a little more excited to get back into the working world!!

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