Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where's MY sick day?

For the past couple days I had such grand ambitions of cleaning the house before spring cleaning began, continuing on with my P90X workouts, and doing some craftiness around the house...all of which I was going to blog about as well.  However..I've become a walking zombie because my body has been struck down with a bug.  I don't even know what it is...flu? Cold? Allergies? A combo?  But give me a symptom and I've got it.  Fever, chills, cough, aches and pains, cold sweats, nausea, headaches, itchy eyes...the list goes on.

But it got me thinking about my pre-kiddo days where I was able to lay in bed and watch movies all day to get well in 2 days flat.  But no...not now!  There are still diapers to be changed, potty runs to be made, little mouths (and one big mouth) to be fed, and laundry to be done.  Then just when I think I can lay down for 10 minutes during the wee ones nap...I notice there's spit up on the floor.  Which again gets me thinking that these kids are probably going to catch what I have, despite fervent hand washings and coughing into my sweatshirt.  This will ensue another whole week of sickness, of which I will probably still be sick, caring for 2 sickies.....where's my TLC?  Where's my extended naps or endless movie days?  Ugh...I just feel bad for my kids because they are getting the bare minimum from me right now.  Food, drinks, and TV.  Yes I'm using it to entertain.  Other than that I am laid up.

And a mother's work is never done...because as I lay here in sick agony, the only "light" I see at the end of the tunnel is a floor that has to be vacuumed, bathrooms that have to be cleaned, and clothes and dishes that have to be washed.'s enough to almost make me want to stay sick to have an excuse to not have to deal with THAT stuff.

But no fear readers...the hubs and I had a ski trip planned for this weekend (not anymore!!!! yay sickness) so the kids are already planned to leave the house for 2 days and I'll be able to lay in bed and recover fully.  Then I shall have lots of juicy tidbits for you to read to your little hearts contents!  Aren't you excited?  I'm just thrilled for the day when I can breathe through both my nostrils again.

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