Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl?

There used to be a girl that could sit and watch the Super Bowl from start to finish. Laughing at all of the commercials, and definitely not missing a single one, while sneaking away to grab a snack or two while the game was going, but managing not to miss any of the primo action.

And then she had a 2 year old.

Ok. He's not 2 years old yet. He's only 7 weeks away from that birthday, but acts like he's been 2 for at least 6 months. Needless to say, the Terrible Twos have definitely hit our house. Hard.

I managed to make some killer pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw, thanks to the recipe I got from Tyler Florence over here. (Ohhhh Dream Weaver...Tyler Florence can get me through the ni-hiiiiiiiiiiight.... - What? Oh...sorry. I most definitely do not have a crush on Tyler. Ok. Maybe a small one.) The wet rub I made for the meat was SO tasty that I was licking the spoon, like it was a salt lick, while making it.

YUM! Brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, thyme, cayenne, garlic, red wine vinegar, & olive oil = heaven. I'm so happy I saved the remnants (at least 1/2 Cup) and stuck it in the freezer to rub on some chicken this week. Nothing goes to waste! Yeah!

Half way through rubbing my rump roasts.
The super cute Paula Deen cupcake wrappers I found at Michaels for $1. I made chocolate cupcakes with Nutella cream cheese frosting. mmmmmm....

Just call me Lani. I forgot to take any after pics of the food... Sorry!

My dad also picked up some tasty wings, and I think I ate more than my fair share of them because they were so tasty and easy to grab and munch on while I chased psycho-child around.

It was a trying day, to say the least. I forget that there's so much more going on at someone else's house where there are more people, different toys to play with, and two dogs chase, so I wasn't asking Will if he needed to pee every five seconds, like I should've. And he's just too busy to stop and say "Momma, Poop!". Hence the 4 accidents he had. On top of that mess, he had about a 20 minute nap on the drive there. If my child doesn't sleep, he might as well turn green and wear purple shorts because he is The Hulk. So we had that going for us, too. Way to set up the day for failure...

Add to the fact that I already have a complex about potty training this "early", even though he told us on more than one occasion, before I was ready to begin this process, "Momma, Poop!". If he can verbalize what he needs to do, he is ready. In fact, this passed week was the best week we've had in the potty training department, so I was eager to show off the fruits of my (our) labor at my parents' house. We crashed & burned. Miserably.

It sucks royally when he fails, because to me, that also means I failed. I should've asked him if he needed to go more often. I should've just taken him to the bathroom, instead of asking him and not getting an answer, or hearing him say "No", only to have an accident 5 minutes later. I failed at my job, which leads to his failure. He was too busy to sit down and eat, how can I expect him to tell me when he needs to pee? I'm the brains of this operation, and yet it's not until I'm in tears on the drive home that I realize what I should've been doing.

The best part of the evening was the 20 minute back rub and head scratch I got from my mom in the 3rd quarter of the game. And it makes me sad that we are at my parents' house and I barely get to hold a single conversation with a single member the entire day. I think I said 2 things to my Grandma all night. That bites the big one. I'm already starved of adult conversation, and the chance I get when I'm surrounded by opportunity, I can't take it. That's the life of a mom, especially when I'm too busy putting my child on Time Out, or cleaning up his pee on the floor. My favorite stunt of the evening was him standing on top of the ice chest, or opening it and trying to take the beer out (glass bottles and all), or eating/throwing the ice. Apparently I'm raising Tarzan. Me. Mom. You. Listen. And thanks to the No Nap situation, the 32 No's and me removing him from the chest was not making any progress.

But least I didn't mess up the National Anthem, like Christina Aguilera did. This article on the Yahoo homepage cracked me up.

And I did manage to see the best commercial:

That will be Will in a year or two... He can already growl like Chewbacca and wield a lightsaber like a pro.

And the Packers won. Booyah!

How was your Super Bowl? Did you make anything new or different? I'm all about finding new munchie recipes to try! Please share!

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