Monday, January 31, 2011

Workin' It Out!

I don't know what Moms did before there were workout DVDs and videos (for the old-timers...) Seriously, they're a mom's best friend! No need for a trip to the gym, you can take 30min to an hour (if you're lucky) and get your workout on whenever you get a chance to squeeze it in during the day. Yay!

P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program - 13 DVDs, Nutrition Guide, Exercise PlannerYour Shape Fitness EvolvedLani & I got P90X. Part of our New Year's resolutions (check them out here and here) is to whip ourselves back into the skinny-zone. Having a buddy that's doing the same workout as you, makes it easier to motivate each other. Not that we're terribly competitive (HA!)...but when she tells me she already did her workout DVD for the day, I'm ready to pop the disc in right then because I don't want to let her get ahead of me.

And let me tell is tough. The very first DVD is very misleading really wasn't that extreme while I was doing it, but the next day, I felt it. Then Tony Horton (the trainer dude that does P90X) threw the Plyometrics DVD at you, and you're basically jumping around for 40 minutes. INSANITY! But actually really fun! Will enjoyed jumping with me. He thought it was pretty funny. After a week of the P90X, I am in my pre-preggo William Rast jeans (size 30"). The thing about these jeans is that they don't have a lot of stretch in them like most of the jeans I buy now, because back in the pre-preggo days...I didn't need all that stretch!

Also in my workout regimen is the Kinect for XBOX 360. Hubby & I put it on our Christmas List, but we weren't planning on getting it right away. Well, Hubby got some gift cards for Christmas, so we ended up getting it for around $40. Sweeeeeeeeeeet! The Kinect Adventures game that it comes with is really fun. We played it for probably 2 or 3 hours after Hubby brought it home and set it up. I was totally sore the next day and that was just from playing. We decided to get the Your Shape Fitness Evolved game, too. Again, working out when I have someone else's score, aka calories burned, to compete with is motivating. The great thing about this game/workout, is that it's like having your own personal trainer showing you what to do.

That's the trainer on the left, and me on the right.

The cool thing, just like you'd get if you had a real personal trainer, is that since it's a sensor, it tells you if you aren't matching the trainer just right. "Widen your stance" or "Lunge lower" are the usual corrections I get at the end of my training session because I'm tired! You can pick the length of your workout, all the while seeing how many calories you've burned so far (bottom left of the screen).

There are also great "Classes" like Yoga and Boxing, as well as mini-games like Hula Hooping. You can also download Zumba, which I'm looking forward to trying.

And to top off my workout options, I got these Nike Free Run awesome kicks for Christmas. If you are a runner, these are ahhhhhh-mazing! I actually found out about them from my sister, because she had them on her Christmas list. She got them for Christmas, and I got another pair I had asked for. Christmas Day, I stole her shoes (love that we wear the same size!) and ran around outside with Will for a few minutes, I was hooked. It's like you're running barefoot! Genius!

You can check out the genius behind the shoes here:

How incredible is that? I have a bum knee, and I don't even notice it when I wear these. And usually this time of year, I can't go as far as I'd like because my knee joints start to ache...these are cushioned so well that it doesn't bother me. So cool! Not to mention, they're SUPER SWEET looking! I have a thing for shoes, so when I see a pair that is particularly spiffy, I have to have them.

I'm hoping that keeping my workout options open and varied, that I will also keep my interest in it. So's working. Knowing that if I just couldn't drag my butt out of bed in the morning because Will decided to get up 5 times that night (his 2 year molars are coming in...ah...teething. Ain't it grand?), there is still hope in getting one in later on thanks to a DVD or game I can pop in. And now that he enjoys doing some of them with me (or laughing at me while I'm doing it), it's something I can do while he's awake. This is a definite plus because then my "free time" I get during his nap time isn't spent on just a workout and a shower. Sometimes I get to clean house, prep dinner, or work a little! What a concept!


  1. Good for you guys! I did bikram yoga for the first time this weekend! Oh the soreness!

  2. You go girl! Good luck! Hubs and I are doing some videas via Netflix. Our current favorite features a man with an eye patch. We call him The Pirate. It's super tough though for this out of shape mama.

  3. I wanna P90X it!! You may have jusssssst inspired me!!!


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