Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Ice Cream

I have been waiting for a good snowfall to make this!  You need good clean snow so its great to get at least a foot to make this so you don't get any extra protein or particles in your ice cream.  Well last night we got a whooping 16-18" my bowl was brimming! 

The first thing you need to do is place a nice big bowl outside to catch all your snow.  I failed to do this.  If you've read ANY of my previous posts you know I'm not a planner.  Things come at a whim!!!  But, I did have the good sense to go and collect my clean bowl of snow before anyone could "ruin" it.  With a child who is just potty trained and a wee dog who's bladder is only the size of a peanut....I didn't want to risk any yellow snow getting in my bowl.

I used Paula Deen's recipe, mainly because it is easy and I had everything on hand.  Sweetend condensed milk? check. Vanilla extract? check. Snow? check check check.

Then I enlisted the help of my little wee man to stir.  Although....he mainly just enjoyed watching the evaporated milk get poured over the snow and saying "Mmmmm....yOmmy..."

Mmmm...yOmmy indeed!  A little vanilla for flavor, stir it all together...and you've got your snow ice cream!!!  Just eat and enjoy!!  Makes me excited for it to snow now!!

And you gotta love the thumbs up from the wee man!!  Alright! 

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