Thursday, January 27, 2011

I got purple fever..

Have you ever just gotten so obsessed with a color that you do crazy type things with that color?  Like paint a wall neon green, or dress in all sunshiny yellow....or perhaps paint the inside of your front door a deep, dark, purple?  What? No? Just me?

You all may have gotten a couple peeks at the door here and here.....and oh how I love my new door.  It's such an odd thing to say that my front door is my current most favorite part of my house...but it is.  I saw a pic of a deep purple door in a recent issue of Martha Stewart and just fell in love.  I had to redo my entry NOW and I had to do a purple door.  I didn't even consult Sonny....and when I came home with the colors his eyebrow certainly raised at the quart of Black Tulip by Glidden.  But he need not have worried.  He likes it too.  Just look at it and gaze upon its glory.

Its a bit hard to get the color in the picture as its so dark, but it's a glorious purple that is so dark its almost black.  What a great bold, yet subtle, color to the entryway....and it's such an easy, fast and cheap thing to do to change up the entire space.  And if you know either Heather and I, you know we like the easy, fast and cheap. 

I am slowly working on this entryway to make it welcoming and inviting, as in the 6 years we've lived here we've never had anything.  I found a table at Target that I really wanted to pair with a chair for the big blank wall above....but I may have been late on the clearance sale with it.  I have a little time away from the kids this week and I may be scouring surrounding Targets to find one!  I'm also creating a "mini mudroom" in the little niche you see here where the boots are...

...Ccmplete with hooks and some pics....much like this.....but on a smaller scale.  Of course nearly everything is on a strrrrrict budget, as I have 2 birthday parties to plan coming up within the next 6 months!

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