Monday, January 24, 2011

Target Love

I eagerly await the Sunday newspaper every week. I am looking for my 4 favorite things:
1) Target Weekly Ad
2) Joann's ad & Coupon!
3) Michael's ad & Coupon!
4) The stack of weekly grocery coupons

I probably flip through the Target ad at least twice... Once to get a good overall and again to double check the stuff I actually need or want. And maybe a 3rd time because I just like to look at pretty pictures.

This week, OH, THIS WEEK!

First off, the pillows that I've been eyeing for 3 weeks are on SALE! I am all about the graphic quatrefoil patterns right now. (Ohhh...busting out the big design college guns! See? I went to college and learned stuff!) I walked by and saw these on the shelf and jumped for joy. This week, they are only $15 each! I only got far this week... I picked up the cream one first. I have plans to make some other'll see how the week pans out. $15! Can't pass that up!

This next find is not in the ad, but it is my little tip for you. If you have a baby/toddler/young child that grows like a weed, ALWAYS check the clearance sections! I'm sure you're checking the clearance clothes and maybe the end caps in the baby supply department for those super steals on misc bedding pieces, but I bet you forget about the shoe department. Well, DON'T! Shoes are expensive, even at Target! I have a hard time buying shoes for Will for full price at Target because he's going to out grow them in a month or two. Really? $20 for him to wear shoes for 2 months?! Or less!? No thanks. So I always take a quick peek at what's on clearance and buy it the next size up. He's currently in a size 6, so I picked these up in a size 7.


So when I go to put his size 6 shoes on and they no longer fit, even though they fit just fine yesterday... I have a spare pair in the closet that I can put on him and we're out the door. I know... I just changed your life. You're welcome.

Market Pantry food. Have you tried it? I know we've told you how much we like the Up&Up products of all kinds...I always buy the paper towels and toilet paper, among other things. I started picking up a few of the Market Pantry branded food items to see what we all thought of them. Right now, the Fruit & Cream oatmeal variety pack is $1.60. The Quaker Instant Oatmeal Fruit & Cream variety pack is double that. And the Market Pantry brand is just as tasty...if not better. Their apple juice - delightful! Eggs - perfect! Milk - COWabunga! I have yet to try a Market Pantry item that we don't like...and I'm saving at least 50% off of the brand name price. It's a no brainer.

My last little morsel of Target love is the $1 section. It can be deadly and ridiculously tempting to buy crap you don't need because it's only a dollar. Today, I picked up a lovely medium sized accordion file so I can follow in {I heart Organizing}'s footsteps and put my receipts in there all nicely organized for the year. A definite must if you are a small business owner (or an aspiring me). I got a green one. She got a clear one. I also have the same accordion files (two) to organize my coupons. I LOVE them. It's so convenient to have it all organized in one spot. Makes it easy to grab n' go.
I also found this great, plain blue, metal bucket that I'm going to use for Will's birthday party. His party is at the end of March, but Lani and I are on the "Start Early Dangit!" wagon so that we can slowly buy things and keep our eyes out for super sweet deals like this to make the birthday party budget a little easier on the bank account. $2.50! Oh, the coloring book inside was $1 and will be in Will's Valentine's Day bag of love. See? Planning ahead!
And these are amazing! I bought these a month or two ago, but I still see them once in a while, hiding in one of the bottom baskets in the $1 section. There are all kinds of fun stuff in there to keep your little monster busy while you're trying to have a meal out. Coloring book, crayons, stickers, Oh My!
I don't even know how many of these I grabbed. And then when Hubby came with us a day or two later, he grabbed 100 more. Ok...maybe not 100, but he grabbed a lot. So now, I have a bag of them in my car. A couple of our favorite hole-in-the-wall hidden secret treasure restaurants (a Chinese food place with the best Honey Walnut Shrimp ever! And a Thai place that has Crying Tiger that just the mention of it makes my mouth water... Stop talking about it! Seriously!) that aren't quite hip to the whole entertain-my-child-so-we-can-eat-in-peace schtick, so we have to bring own entertainment. All so we can have 20 minutes to relax and eat. Glorious! Now I'm glad that we got both the Toy Story and Cars sets because we have watched Mater's Tall Tales more times than I can count this week. "Mater? Vroom Vroom? Mama. Mater? Vroom?" Ok...we can watch it after lunch...

What is your latest to-die-for Target deal?


  1. oooh such awesome them!

    I love that you mention the fabulous deals at Target. I always pass them along to my cousins and friends! =)

  2. I love Target too and I also go through the flier numberous times. I think I look over the flyer atleast 5 times or so. I just always need to check to make sure I haven't missed anything. How funny you do that too.


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