Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World Traveler Tree

Our Christmas tree is a culmination of traditions. First, we have the Hallmark ornament tradition. My family did this and it's something I couldn't wait to do with my own family. Every year we get a Hallmark ornament. Preferably one that has the year loud and proud on it, but if not, they usually emboss it on the bottom of each ornament. If something big happened that year, like buying a new house, baby's 1st Christmas, etc., then the ornament depicts that BIG deal. If none of those fit the bill, then it's usually just something we were really into that year...

Since we got married, we have a lot of 1sts on our tree. Our first Christmas as a married couple (which also meant our first tree together in our first apartment together). My mom started Hubby & I's own Hallmark collection with "Our First Christmas" ornament. She gave it to me as a gift at my bridal shower, and to this day, I get a little teary when it goes on the tree. The next year was when we bought our condo, so that we got an "Our First Home" ornament. And last year was Will's first Christmas.
Look at the cute little mug!
Tradition #2 is a Mickey ornament collection...I'm pretty sure Lani and I started this tradition the same year... because we love Disney, um... more than the average bear. The ornaments they have at Disneyland are pretty awesome though. Combining my two favorite things into one awesome sparkly item couldn't get any better.

These are fairly big and hefty ornaments, so they tend to go on right after the Hallmark ones to get the primo spots (as Lani calls them). I also have little Mickey and friends ones that go up. I love that my friends (and Hubby) get me fun stuff for my Christmas collection.

Finally, tradition #3 is our travels. Sadly, we didn't start this tradition until our honeymoon. If only we would've thought about it when we went to Italy (where we got engaged), we would have an amazing Trevi Fountain ornament (where Hubby proposed)! But any who, we started on our honeymoon to Maui.
How cool is this little Tiki guy!?
There's also a turtle we got because the 2nd day we went snorkeling, we saw turtles!
I was so excited until Hubby got a little freaked out that I got a little too close... oops...

Another cool traveler ornament is our Disney Cruise ship. Hubby took me on a Disney Cruise just a few months before we got pregnant with Will. Yes, we were one of the few childless couples on the cruise, but it was great research for when we go again in 2012 with Lani and her family. Probably the most fun I've ever had on a vacation. Cruises are the best! And HELLO! Combined with Disney... AH-MAZING! Our kids are going to flip their lids. I can't freakin' wait!

A new addition to our tree this year is white LED lights. We get a real tree. Every year. I LOVE the smell. Hubby likes white lights, and I'm a color girl. So we had colored lights for 4 years. This year, Hubby has been diggin' the new LED stuff, so we got new white lights. They take some getting used to because they are brighter than the average lights, but let me tell you! They're SO cool! They light up the room with this pretty Christmas-y glow. Will points to the tree and gives us a "Ready...? Ooooooooooooooonnnnneeeee!" and we have to say "Two, Three!" and flip the switch to turn on the tree. Will can't get passed "One", just yet, but it's a very enthusiastic "One". It's funny though. He really likes all of the Christmas lights on in the house.

Here's a quick peek at my favorite Christmas tree... the one at Disneyland...

What are your tree decorating traditions? Do you mix up the decor every year with a new color scheme and/or theme? Are you a traditionalist with the classics or family heirlooms? Do tell!


  1. My son has the same "My First Christmas Ornament". :) I love all the meaning attached to the ornaments. I make an ornament every year for each of my kids and try to buy one for each family member every year too.

  2. So fun to have ornaments that mean something! We're working on that ourselves but it takes time. I love Disneyland at Christmas too!

  3. Haha My first Disney cruise was childless too. It was a BLAST!! We have gone on 2 more with the kids since and are also going in 2012!!! WE cant wait (already booked for june!) Love the memories on the tree!!



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