Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tree Time: Red, white and FA-blue-LOUS!!!

Oh Christmas tree....oh Christmas tree.....for spacious skies....for amber waves of grain......

You like that?  A little mash up there..of "Oh Christmas Tree" and "America the Beautiful."  Awesome.  I've been watching Glee a little too much. My tree didn't start out so dedicated to my country you know.   My color theme for the house this year are these awesome aquas, lots of white, and splashes of red.  But the first thing Sonny said when he saw this tree was "Oh sweet!  A red, white, and blue tree! How patriotic!"  Needless to say...I was a bit unnerved.  My wonderfully festive and modern color theme had turned to an American theme.  Then I felt awful for betraying my country that I love so. what if it looks patriotic to him.  It's a tree that gives on so many levels!  I salute you little, lovely tree that still looks fabulous and hip to me!!!!

I always hang all my tried and true collected ornaments throughout the tree first to make sure that they all get the primo spots....then I sprinkle the colors I'm using that year to fill in gaps, add layer, and add texture. I know some people have 2 that's the kids tree with all the family ornaments and one that is the decorator tree.  Although I love that, I just find it so cozy and homey to have all my ornaments together.  It makes my tree feel personable, and every time I look at it I think of all that we've been through together.   My collection of Mickey head balls are my all time favorite...and this year they seem to be Hunter's faves as well....they keep mysteriously ending up on the ground...

When I lived in Orange County, Heather and I used to go to Disneyland...pretty much constantly. No joke...sometimes just to get ice cream or dinner or just to watch Fantasmic.  It's the beauty of the season pass.  Anyway, I started collecting these balls because I thought they were so darn cute.  Now that I don't live there...My mom and/or Heather continue the tradition for me!  This one I got last's super cute!

My tree topper is another great treasure.  It's actually my cake topper from my wedding.  I splurged about $120 on this baby (it's all decked out in Swarovski crystals) because my cake was so simple I really wanted some sparkle and shine on the top.  Well, I wasn't about to let that sucker go to waster by just using it one time!!  So every year we put it on the top of the tree.  Gives it a nice shine....and it's totally unique to us!!

I also have a few of Miss Bell....I love her so.... and she coordinated with the tree so nicely this year...

{check out Hunter in his first Christmas!}

{A tink and a Mickey in one!}
 Hmmmm.....Somebody's getting touchy touchy with my stuff.  He does love this tree....he insists on having his snack, on the floor, in front of the tree.  Awwww...

And I always love adding a layer of texture to the tree, and the poinsettias and the sprays always give it just enough for me.  Although this year I was dying for feathers...but I've said it before in my previous posts....this year was a no spending money year!  Work what you got!!

I hope you all enjoyed my patriotic, yet still totally hip and happening, tree and thanks so much for looking!  Have a happy holiday!! 


  1. Very pretty! My daughters would LOVE the Tinks!

  2. She's lovely! The beads really add so much elegance.


  3. Such a great idea to use your cake topper to 'top' your tree! I love it!

  4. Artistic and patriotic! I think it looks great. :) I agree you got to go with the sentimental ornaments, but it's cool to see someone work a theme onto the tree after that. Well done!

  5. HELLO! Im your newest follower and LOOOOVIN IT! I just love the fact that yall are not gonna let the miles keep you apart! FABULOUS! Love your tree! Im a tree ADDICT! I would LOOOOVE it if you would visit my Blog and 14 days of christmas trees...and I have a Giveaway you might like...SOOOO GLAD i found you!

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  6. Love your patriotic tree! I have never seen anything like it (:


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