Monday, December 6, 2010

DIY- Holiday time! Work what you got!!!

Yup...we are both continuing on with our DIY-Holiday edition!  You can check out other cool crafts on Centsational Girl's crafty link party!

Ok....So...I'm a pretty crafty chick.  I am.  But this year...there are LITERALLY no funds for my love of anything crafty and artsy.  Everything has to be from stuff I already own.  So this was a little hard for me...being that it's so easy to just go out and buy whatever you need!  So I hunted around the basement and found these......

An unfinished pillow case I planned to craft in the summer, some needle and thread, and some beads that I had originally planned to embellish a little starfish on said pillow.  Hmmmm....what could I bead on this little pillow in blues and whites to make it holiday fabulous?  A snowflake of course!!

Oh my sad little sweet you are!  This was super easy, but I do have to say that my little flake is a little sad.  He is so sweet on the pillow....but oh what I could have done if I had more time/money/tools.  My needles ended up being a tad to big at the eye so alot of the little beads wouldn't slip on.  It took a little time to find just the right my flake ended up being a little small and a little less detailed than I would have liked.  However....being that it is a small pillow....I think it turned out kinda sweet.  It's not all in your face....but just a little "hello."

After a little more rummaging through old decorations in the basement....I came across a wreath I made a couple years ago.  It was getting kinda old and beat I decided to give it new life.  And in true Lani form....I did not take a "before" pic.  But here is the after! Hurray!

Some of the balls were falling off, and a few were chipped and broken.  Back in the olden days when I was first beginning to live on my own and craft my own little things...I hot glued everything.  It was like my duct tape....just hot glue it.  A bowl broke? Hot glue it!  Want to make a slipcover for a couch?  Don't sew...just hot glue it!!  So many of these hot glued items needed to be cut off and replaced.  So I fixed and replaced and added a few metallic pics here and there and created some new bows for it.  I then wired some blue balls (shhh...cover your ears) to match my blue theme decor for this year and Voila!! Some old, something new, something bowed, something blue!!!  Revamped baby!!!

So there's my little sad craft...and my big happy craft!  I'm happy with both...even though my flake turned out to be...well....a little flakey!  They compliment my decor and even though it's not the most wonderful thing I've ever done....I do love that I worked with what I had to make something new...and make something better!!!

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  1. Sometimes a little hello is all you need. I think the pillow is darling!

  2. You are very crafty..I like both...


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