Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Projects: A year in reveiw!

Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality blog is hosting a link party for the top projects of 2010!  As Heather and I are slowly but surely figuring out the parent-hood thing (of which we are both well aware that it will quite possibly NEVER be figured out), we definitely started getting our design/crafty groove back in 2010!  This was a great year for home projects, as well as fun little crafty things for the kids!  Let's take a peek!!

January:  Heather started off the year right planning this AMAZING under the sea themed baby shower for her friend Jessica.  Jess was having triplets and couldn't make it as she was on bed rest in the hospital, but Heather made sure that she still went all out to give Jess the baby shower she deserved.  She crafted these ADORABLE fishbowls herself and did everything including the invites. 

(ps...she kinda also did a fabulous one for me too!!!)

February: Heather did it again in February painting her kitchen this awesome shade of blue.  Looks so clean and fresh!  Love it! 

March: Once again our crafty queen pulls out all the stops on her birthday invites for Will. He turned one and celebrated....Mickey Style!!

April: My personal favorite of the creation of LIFE!  Haha...this has been my best work of the past year!  My little Jagger!

May: Heather....once again...created a tidy little space to call her own!  This was her moving and grooving on the ever present New Years resolution of getting organized!

June: After a couple months adjusting to 2 kids....I realized I needed to get organized!  I started with the kitchen...and I'm still working on it!  Haha!  It'll get there though....look forward to lots of projects happening this year!

July: Hunter's 2nd birthday came up quick for me...but I managed to pull it out AND keep up with my promise to myself that I wanted to make all my kids birthday cakes.  This year was a cool surfboard!  Looks pretty sweet!

August: We didn't have any "projects" or crafts that we posted this month....but one thing we always love doing is cook!  This is by far one of my favorite recipes that Heather posted.  We always have an abundance of this recipe is always on hand to use up those spotted brown 'nanas!

September: Yay!! This was the start of my "Let's finally do some bleep in this house since we've been here for 5 years and it's obvious we're not going anywhere soon!"  My powder room!

October: Halloween of course!  Check out mine and Heather's homemade costumes! 

November: This buffet is the first piece I've ever re-done....and I kinda love it!  I realized this year that the decor in my house had gotten very drab...and it's so not me.  To start off my home re-do and get my style back....I did this cabinet in a very bold way....but I love it!

December:  Well if we're talking crafts...I think hands down the best craft of the year was created this month in the form of a wreath.....a snowball wreath!!  What a fabulous idea Heather had that I will be stealing next year!

Well that our top projects for the year!!!  2010 certainly got our juices flowing and I know that this year is going to be even better! We're going to have lots more crafts, projects, kid friendly ideas, and recipes to share!  Thank you all for your support this year and have a great New Years!!!

Love, Heather and Lani


  1. what great projects! those showers look fantastic-love the under the sea theme-and that little office nook. and how fun is the name jagger!

  2. What a fun year you two have had. I saw your link over at Rhoda's and stopped by to check it out. I really love the fishbowls. They are super cute!

    PS-I also counted the creation of a child as one of my top 10. It so counts!!!! IT definitely takes a good amount of time and effort to bake a cute little baby (and yours is cute!).


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